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    I picked up this daisy 853 single stroke on craigs list yesterday. Lothar Walther barrel, excellent condition. Put a few drops of penguin oil on the felt seal and set a target out to 20 yards. 9 of my 10 shots were touching with 1 ragged hole. Couldn’t go any further out with my poor eyesight and a cheap 4x scope but I was really impressed with the accuracy of this little rifle. So quiet too. This would make a great little indoor plinker. Can’t wait to put a descent scope on it. I would say 125.00 well spent for this condition. Does anyone else have any experience with these little shooters? Great fun! 350.00 for a new one. This one is like new…….cool.



    They are great rifles used a bunch in 10-meter target shooting. If the trigger is still factory stiff and long there are mode to improve its performance.

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