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Connecticut airgunners match report 9/29/2019

Forums Field Target Field Target Results Connecticut airgunners match report 9/29/2019

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    United States
    Accuracy: +10

    Connecticut Air Gunners Match Report – 2019 September 29th

    Location: 1001 Trumbull Hwy, Lebanon, CT 06249

    Match Site: Sloped, open field with trees bordering on North and East sides.

    Temperature: 85 degrees Fahrenheit – sunshine

    Wind: 0-5 MPH

    Number of Targets: 32 (64 points maximum)

    Match Times: Practice 9:00–9:50 AM, Match 10:00 AM-1:30 PM, Course Takedown 1:30 PM-2:00 PM

    Troyer difficulty without wind: 29.17

    Troyer difficulty with wind: 35.7

    Number of targets over 40 yards: 15

    Average kill zone size: 1.4 inches

    Results/Attendees: (16 shooters total)



    56/64 John Eroh – Thomas – AA 8.4 grains – Sightron 10-50×60

    55/64 Jerry LaRocca – RAW TM 1000 – JSP 8.4 – Sightron 10-50×60


    Piston WFTF & Open

    54/64 Matt Brackett – TX 200 MK3 – AA 8.4 grains – Sightron 10-50×60

    51/64 Leo Gonzales – HW97K – AA 10.3 grains – Falcon 5-30×56

    43/64 Matt Sawyer – TX 200 – AA 8.4 – March FX 5-40 FFP


    PCP Hunter

    50/64 Vasyl Povroznyk – RAW TM 1000 – AA 10.3 grains – Aztek Emerald 5.5-25

    39/64 Brian Pepin – Umarex Gauntlet – Crosman Premier 10.5 grains – UTG 3-12

    38/64 Thomas Wade – Benjamin Marauder

    36/64 Alan Egolf

    19/64 Pete Sweeney – Umarex Gauntlet – H&N 10.65 grain – UTG 4-16

    16/64 John Dearcangelis


    Piston Hunter

    42/64 Vasyl Povroznyk – Air Arms TX200 – AA 8.4 grains – Sightron 10-50×60

    41/64 Ron Dumond – Air Arms TX200 – AA 8.4 grains – SWFA SS 16X

    15/64 John Swenson – Crosman Nitro Venom – JSB Exact – UTG 10x


    Open PCP

    59/64 Brian VanLiew – FX 400 FT – AA 10.3 grains – Nikko Diamond 10-50×60

    56/64 Chas DiCapua – RAT TM 1000 – JSP 13.3 grains – Sightron 10-50×60



    It was a while since our last match and a lot of people anticipated attending this match. One of last days of September was not expected to be this sunny and hot. We had great turn out, 15 shooters showed up to shoot the match. We had 3 new shooters shooting field target for first time. John Swenson from New England Airguns, John Dearcangelis,  and Alan Egolf tried field target for first time and all are eager to come back for more. Pete Sweeney was shooting for his second time. 

    It was fairly difficult course at 35.18 Troyer rating. With constant sun mirage was causing ranging problems for many shooters.  Equipment got heated past 110F degrees on constant direct sun and it was unknown territory for some shooters. There was slight wind time to time, but overall it one of least windy matches this location is capable of. Really could not ask for better shooting conditions. 

    We started sharp at 9 am. After brief safety meeting by Ron, squads were announced and shooting commenced. We had 3 cold lines during the match. One target needed more clamps as it shifted from its wood base. One target had to be replaced, but overall teams moved smoothly from lane to lane. We had 4 targets (8 shots) to shoot at each lane. We shot them near to far one shot each and then shot them again near to far for one more shot. We used timers and gave everyone 8 minutes to address and shoot the lane. Time started when the shooter picked up his rifle. 

    After the match most of the guys stayed and helped to collect targets and wound up strings. It was fun shooting day outdoors. Now waiting begins for next match. 


    Next FT match: 2019 October 20th Sunday

    Vasyl Povroznyk
    CT Air Gunners Secretary


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    • This topic was modified 2 years ago by  shutik.

    Deleted Account
    Accuracy: +65

    Thanks for the report. I'm looking forward to next months States match.


    Deleted Account
    Accuracy: +0

    Thanks for the well written report. 

    Special award to you Vasyl for first in Piston Hunter as well as PCP Hunter . Way to go!



    United States
    Accuracy: +2

    Vasyl, nice report. Lots of details and information about the course.

    Some very nice scores. Especially, Brian with a 59/64. Back to the FX, I see. 

    Hope to see some of you at the National's.

    Venice, FL 


    United States
    Accuracy: +1

    Great report and pictures, Vasyl. Thanks to Ron and all the club leadership – I had a blast on a beautiful day.

    'Hope to see you next month,

    Matt B.


    United States
    Accuracy: +21

    Yes, great report Vasyl.  Thanks for calculating the Troyer rating. Yeah, range finding those 50+ yard targets with the mirage was challenging!  Sorry I had to leave so soon after the match. 

    Looking forward to the CT state match on the 20th. 

    See  you all there,



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