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    Spot on Brislee, I know now that my LGV barrel didn’t have an accuracy problem when I cleaned it. I believe it was a mixture of the trigger and me. Haven’t touched it since and no issues, especially after doing the trigger fix.





    If it ain't broke, don't screw it up Read lots of time where someone will clean their barrel and lose all accuracy. Most times you just have to shoot the gun again (sometimes alot) to get the accuracy back. And if the gun suddenly loses accuracy, cleaning the barrel might be necessary  (might) But if the gun shoots good, leave it be.

    No argument from me there Brislee. I have rifles both air as well as powder burners that are from both camps. One thing I have found is if I clean an air rifle I finish with an alcohol patch which removes and oil/solvent residue left in the barrel. I have found that when I do that it takes only a few shots to get back on. First shot or two unlubed next shot or two lubed pellet and then back to whatever the gun likes. I like to start with unlubed to fill pores in the barrel. This seems to work for me but with one break barrel and one PCP it is hardly rock solid. Just sharing something I have found. 

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