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    One of the goals I set for testing my new Impact MKII was to shoot everything I could get at various velocity's in an attempt to find the ideal pellets and slugs that would give me the highest power along with the best accuracy possible. I purchase my Impact MKII in .30 caliber but also purchase a .25 caliber slug liner so I could test everything in both calibers. In both calibers I also wanted to boil it down to one pellet and one or maybe even two slugs as my dedicated ammo. I normally help friends set up their guns for best power and accuracy, which means that their gun will then shoot one thing perfectly… but which also means that it will not shoot almost anything else very well at all without making changes.

    I set about obtaining various pellets and lots and lots of slugs in both calibers from just about everyone in the country producing them or selling them. A long time ago I discovered that certain pellets would shoot accurately at very high velocity out of the slug liners, but not out of the pellet liners due to the difference in twist rates and other factors. All my pellet and slug testing was done with the FX .30 and .25 caliber slug liners. I spent several weeks and hundreds of hours testing the massive amount of slugs that were shipped to me from numerous different makers. My initial testing was at 50 yards…because if something could not make a good showing at 50 yards I sure wasn't going to bother taking it out to 100 yards. I am able to shoot for free out to 50 yards at a friend's back yard that has a fairly large property, but to shoot at 100 yards I have to go to the rifle range and pay the range fees which can get expensive over time…not to mention the annoyance of trying to concentrate while sitting next to a .338 Lapua banging away! Happens every time!

    So, rather than give an itemized list of the winners and losers I am just going to tell you what gave me the most power at the best accuracy in both .25 and .30 calibers. Also let it be acknowledged that I can only tell you what performed best for me out of my slug liners, and that your results may differ due to the difference in how your gun is set up as opposed to how my gun is set up.

    ***In .25 caliber the pellets that performed the best were the JSB 34gr Heavy – At 50 yards I got 1/2" groups at an average velocity of 1000 ft/s. for 75.5 ft lbs energy.

    ***In .25 caliber the absolute best slugs were the 34gr Hollow Point Varmint Knockers – At 50 yards I got 3/8" to 1/2" groups at an avg. velocity of 982-985 ft/s for 72.8 ft lbs energy.

    ***In .30 caliber the pellets that performed the best were the Hatsan Vortex 44.75 – At 50 yards I got 1/2" groups at an average velocity of 1010 ft/s for 102 ft lbs energy.

    ***In .30 caliber there were three slugs that shot very well for me – the NSA 49.5gr Hollow Points, the NSA 54.5gr Hollow Points, and the NSA 61.5gr Hollow Points…and of these three the 49.5gr and the 61.5gr shot the best for me. (I ordered 1000 of the 49.5 and 1500 of the 61.5 to play with). My best accuracy with the 49.5gr was achieved at a velocity of 1030 ft/s for 116.6 ft lbs energy. My best accuracy with the 61.5gr was achieved at a velocity of 980 ft/s for whopping 131 ft lbs energy.

    I received some 62gr Varmint Knockers in .30 caliber for testing but they were just a hair too long to fit in my magazine or in my Huma Single Shot Loader, so I did not test them. For now the 62gr are the only thing Mr. Riggert makes in .30 caliber. It is my sincere hope that he will produce some of his wonderfully amazing Varmint Knockers in various offerings in .30 caliber. I can only wonder what the amazing accuracy of his stuff would be in 50gr, 55gr, and 60gr! All in all, I have to say that neither pellets nor other slugs performed like the 34gr HP Varmint Knockers in .25 caliber. I was practically moved to tears of joy as I watched shot after shot drop into the same tiny hole the first shot had made! I felt like I was hypnotized or something…and I just couldn't seem to stop myself because I was just having way too much fun! 😁

    All the best, CHUCK

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    I know how you feel. It feels so good you just can't stop. Next thing you know you are either out or hoard the last few. LOL





    Just wanted to say that Dale hit a home run with the 62 grainers. Despite that they do not fit in some magazines. My personal highlight with the MKII was in .25 with the 43.5gr Nielsens, where I shot 12oz cans 400y all the way to 1/4 mile (somewhere north or south of 1000fps). Sold the Impact, but I still have 300+ lbs of NSAs alone 🙃



    Looks like your having fun Chuck! 65.5gn dish base or 66gn flat base.. try those @ 950 fps my favorites and the fit the mag. Took you awhile to have an impact, but Is never too late! jaja :D

    I can see you are still using the magic beans! like those too! ;)

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