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Changing the cocking lever on a Daystate Wolverine "R"

Forums PCP Airguns PCP Airgun – Discussion Changing the cocking lever on a Daystate Wolverine "R"

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    If you got a Daystate Wolverine “R” with the cocking lever on the right side and are a lefty shooter that would like it on the left side, Airguns of Arizona just put out a video on how to do it.

    They make it clear id you mess it up, it will void the warranty.  A minimal amount of tools are involved, but good mechanical skills would be quite helpful because a lot of stuff has to be taken apart.

    I am a lefty but got used to the lever on the right and will probably keep it there.

    I did attempt to remove one of the trigger housing 2.5 MM screws and found it to be very tight.  I stopped well before it broke loose.  That is just a point of information.

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