cant choose between the airforce bigbore 45 or the evanix 50 repeater.

Forums PCP Airguns cant choose between the airforce bigbore 45 or the evanix 50 repeater.

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    from what i gather the bigbore texan has more punch, more range but isnt the best looking and is just a single shot…and uses crappy dovetails.
    the evanix sniper carbine in 50 cal is a really good looking gun, has rails and is a repeater aka reloads MUCH faster.. but it doesnt have the power of the texan.

    the reloading speed is rather important to me.  Price really doesnt matter, after gun tanks peds scopes they will both push 2000. so?  the 3 remaining questions will decide I think unless airforces suddenly debuts a gun with proper AR style magpul rails and such.

    and long term possible resale value.

    any thoughts on this?  fan boys welcome for both. its

    ( I considered  a benji armada but it just seems… idk gimmicky?)this is all a  really hard decision since its a serious investment.



    My Texan is one of the first 100 production models released and it is still going strong.
    While it’s true it has the dovetail you can put an adapter rail.
    The one and only complaint I have with my Texan is the fact that she is naked and the metal gets a little cold to hold when out hunting.
    If I were you I would wait another month as the Texan S.S will be released.
    It has a slightly shorter shrouded barrel and is supposed to be a lot quieter
    If you live anywhere close to East Texas your welcome to holler at me and I will be glad to take you out on the range and put some rounds down range out of mine.



    When it comes to big bore guns most of the time all you need is one shot. The Evanix are nice guns. .357 would be the biggest I’d go in that line.  I think they are bit under powered in .45 and .50. If your looking for a hard hitting repeater you might want to look at the American Arms Slayer.



    what did you finally get?

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