Canon Camcorder and Hawke Sidewinder Ring Connection, Part 2

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    Hello all,

    I cam up with another (maybe better) secure way of connecting my Canon Vixia 800 Camcorder to the ocular lens of my Hawke Sidewinder Scope.  It took me a while to figure this out, but I like this second connection much better.

    This second method only applies to those Hawke Sidewinder Scopes that have the screw in lens caps.  I have three of these particular Scopes.  What you need to do is buy the “Sidewinder Thread Adapter (Pre-2015) ocular piece”.  This adapter will screw into the ocular female thread of the lens.  It has two parts (the male thread screws into the ocular female thread  36mm) and then unscrew the other male end and this will give you a female side with a thread size of 38mm.  Then you will need to buy the following adapter rings to complete your connecting set.
    (1)   Ocular Thread Adapter –  36mm male thread – 38mm female thread (screws into your Hawke Sidewinder Scope)
    (2)   38mm male thread – 52mm female thread ring adapter
    (3)   52mm male thread- 52mm male thread ring adapter
    (4)   52mm female thread – 43mm male thread ring adapter (screws into your Canon Vixia 800 Camcorder)

    And that’s it.  You will have a very secure connection and be able to use your camcorder and scope as a single unit.  To see what this looks like go to Part 1  and you will see the same basic setup.


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