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    Hello, my fellow airgunners! 

    Just wanted to share my impressions of a clip holder I recently installed on my Hatsan Bullboss 25. I use my Bullboss primarily to hunt raccoons at night. Being safety minded always, but even more so when shooting at night, I used to carry my clips in my pockets until I was set up in my blind and ready to shoot, which sometimes led to a few minutes of confusion as I searched for my clip. Then I came across a post by Eric, a fellow member of AGN (Papy_Yosh) who came up with the great idea to 3D print a clip holder that mounts in the opening of the buttstock. Here are some pics:

    Installation was a breeze. Snap the two halves into the hole in the stock, install two screws, then install the red release bar on the left side. The clip holder is ambidextrous, allowing clips to be inserted/removed from either side. I took it out for  a field test tonight. It does not affect how you hold the rifle, and never got in the way. Although I did not see a raccoon, I was hunting near my shooting range, and that allowed me to do some shooting and clip changing. This clip holder is a winner, especially when compared to patting myself down trying to remember which pocket I put the clips in.

    If you like what you see, Drop Eric a message and get one for yourself. I believe he is working on clip holders for some other rifles as well. 



    Thank you @Thelceman for reviewing my magazine holder. I am glad you like it.

    I am almost done with the new version that includes the changes we talked about.

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