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    Ok folks, I’ll pretty new to the air gun world so I’m a bit ignorant to some of this stuff. But due the wealth of info from the wise members oh this and another forum I think my learning curve has been pretty steep.

    Anyway I bought a used bt65 off of the classifieds board for a buddy and he wanted me to get as much out of it as I could with the ability to shoot a full mag on a nice bell curve.

    So after much reading, I decided to jump in head first.
    Here is a list of mods
    I made a longer bolt the hammer spring adjustment and ran it down till it would cock and then backed out off 1 turn.
    I put brass screws in all the ports of the valve and then drilled a new hole in line with the transfer port.
    I drilled the transfer port and barrel out to about .260 (don’t remember the exact measurement)
    I turned the valve rod down to .131
    I drilled the seat hole out to about .280?

    And here is a 6 shot string

    Shot. Bar. Fps. Ft/lbs
    1. 200. 846. 128.8
    2. 191. 878. 138.7
    3. 184. 875
    4. 177. 860
    5. 170. 856
    6. 162. 840

    So my question is, should I stop there? It seems to me I still have a lot of air left. But from what I’ve read I think that’s about all I can get out of it?



    Maybe Bwalton will chime in as he is the Hatsan guru, but the string looks pretty good to me. We’re you using 81gr JSB pellets?



    Glad to see the gun is turning out good. Those are good numbers from what I remember reading on other forums.



    Yes AJ 81gr JSB.

    JD, thanks again. My buddy is a happy guy.

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