Bobcat Mrk ll – cal 0.25 – Wanted to share my final project

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    Hi allBeen snooping around in here collecting inspiration and bundles of knowledge (Thank you Ted for your enthusiasm and detailed vid’s)So finally done with what I thought would be a good starting plinking / hunting PCP Air Rifle.Before sharing stats I want to say thank you to the lots of you – But a special thanks to Ted for inspiration and advises, Andrew from Huggett for help and awesome silencer and splended service (if any need a silencer contact him and finally Masood from Eagle Vision Scope Cam for a excelent solution to recording shots. 

    Bobcat Mrk ll cal 0.25 (6,35 mm)
    Atlas bipod BT10                
    Eagle Vision Scope Cam mount (thank you Masood for good service and help) –
    Vortex Viper Scope + FX mounts
    Huggett Silencer (Andrew your unique service should be known to all)      
    Casio EZ ZR1100 with a flashcard 64GB  Now once weather gets a little better I will go and have some fun with magpies, and other pests… Just wanted to share with you all – I am pretty sure some have lots better gear, greater knowledge – But I’m a happy camper now :)Test vid on a shot taken with the cam – Sorry no birds or target so just found a piece of dirt sticking out of the snow..since it was damn cold result of shot was less important than testing camara :)​ 



    Congrats on your new setup.  Looks like my top 2 choices i’m considering, hope it brings you much joy.



    that looks great …your in the money now, cnt wait to see some of your hunt with the new set up!


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    That’s a great setup you got there. Congrats.

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