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    My small-game hunting rig is a Hatsan 135 Vortex .22 with a Williams peep sight, front fiber-optic rod and rear iron sight removed. Makes a front ghost ring similar to target sights. Mine loves Crosman Domes above all else, and while it isn’t a one-hole gun offhand (although it can be from a bench), it works well for up to rabbit-sized game out to 50 yards. That setup should leave you with $200-$300 left over.
    If you want to use a scope, I would recommend the 155/150 Vortex in 22. Same velocity, but in a fixed-barrel underlever. Just be sure to get a tough scope (Mine has a Leapers mil-dot) and a one piece mount. The recoil on these things is no joke.



    I have sprinters pcps and co2 guns and I love my pcp quiet easy to shoot it’s a little more costly but the benifits are worth it I have hatsan and markers and love them both but the hunting rigs are hatsan hold more air and have removible cylinders¬†

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