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Beginner's rifle: Weihrauch HW80 vs HW77 and Disagreeing Dealers!

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    Hello everybody,

    So I got an HW80 in .22 as a present last week. I’m a complete beginner, but since then I’ve read almost every bit of information on air guns and shooting that I could get my hands on.

    Everybody on the internet seems to agree that the HW80 is a precise, well-made, elegant break-barrel air rifle that is well worth having. However, after noticing that it’s really quite hard to “open” the barrel before cocking, and consequently quite hard to close the barrel again (I have to smack it to get it to open and close before and after cocking), I called up a couple of dealers.

    What struck me was that they were all quite opinionated. The first dealer I called up said not to worry about it because the gun’s new, so it probably needs to be used for a while. But he added that the gun was *&%#, and that I’d be much better off using an HW77. According to him, the HW80 is far too powerful (especially for a beginner like me), breaks scopes all the time, and can’t be used for proper target shooting, only for hunting. Then I called up another dealer, and he said the opposite – that the HW80 is an excellent option for my stated purposes; a great balance between accuracy and quality for target shooting, and power and punch for hunting. Then I called up a third dealer, and he said that I’d be better off with the HW77. So I’m stuck with two problems:

    1. Am I better off returning this gun for an HW77 in .22, or is the HW80 better suited for my intended use, i.e., target shooting, and once I’m proficient enough, hunting.
    2. I still don’t really know if it’s normal for an air gun to be this tough to break open and close (not the cocking itself, that’s about as smooth as can be, I’m talking about the first few degrees of rotation required to break the barrel open or close it back up at the very end of the whole cocking cycle).

    My HW80 is not restricted like the ones sold in England or Germany, it’s got the full ~19-20 foot/lbs muzzle energy going on. 

    Some additional information: I’m 6 foot 1 tall and athletic, so I’m not particularly frail. 

    I really need your help, since this is eating me up!


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    Congrats on a fine first rifle! The HW rifles are all first rate accurate guns in my experience. If you haven’t shot many springers, you will probably benefit from researching the “artillery hold” and learn by experimenting the way to consistently hold your rifle for the best accuracy. The more powerful guns (like the HW 80) can be a challenge to learn to shoot, but the weight of the HW 80/R1 is to your advantage. Run a few tins of pellets through it and you will learn much!
        I’m a bit surprised none of the dealers mentioned the barrel pivot. It sounds as if the pivot bolt may be a bit too tight. Try this: First, cock the gun, then see if the barrel falls from an almost closed but not latched position. It should swing down a bit by it’s own weight. If it holds snugly the pivot bolt may be too tight. You might try loosening the barrel pivot bolt-that’s the big screw at the breech. On the right (with barrel pointing away from you) is the lock nut.

    Using gunsmith screwdrivers of the correct fit, loosen the nut (which is slotted) just a bit, then loosen the pivot screw on the left side of the breech till the barrel swings more loosely(don’t overdo it),then with a screwdriver holding the pivot bolt, re-tighten the lock nut. The breech locking mechanism can be a bit stiff till things wear in some. I take it the gun is new?
    PS As far as the HW77 vs the HW 80, only trying both can tell which is best for you, for hunting I prefer a breakbarrel vs underlever since loading a follow-up shot is much easier and faster with a breakbarrel.
    You might also search the Yellow forum/network 54 for more info-Russ Best from there is a retired airgunsmith who often answers questions and has years of experience.


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    Congratulations on getting a great rifle. I may know a thing or two about the HW 80, but I prefer them Beeman branded. It’s the same action with a more “American” stock. Or at least it was until the last generation. I first got an R1 over 20 years ago, still kick myself for selling it. I currently own two. You have a great all-around rifle, and one that can be passed down because it’s quality through and through. I am able to use mine for punching paper out to 50 yards, no problem. The rifle is heavy, but the 77 is heavier with a little less power. You will have to learn to manage springer recoil with the artillery hold or really anything that works for you that you can repeat every time. If you have the occasional flyer, it’s the gun telling you that your technique is getting sloppy. Mine cane be hard to break open and sometimes you have to slap the barrel a bit. That tight lock-up ensures that the barrel goes back to the same place every time you close it. It may ease up a bit, but just shoot it and enjoy!

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