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    Hi here is a bunch of  clips and images some with different colors some zooming , in reg and endanced modes , some with different colors, and different ranges , I took some clips last night late at night on a few deer , it was pretty cool . works very well , I never would ok known they were there , I also did film titus and my wife walking threw heavy brush I like the BLACK HOT best .


    I am currently running it on my leshiy 22 with sub12 huma reg shooting 604fps with hadies , I picked this tune for pesting during nite as it is silent and i get like 60 shots , at night I have missed a few shots as I am so used to I am still learning a low power tune but tuned like this the chipmunks dont even move , The pellets dont even pass different way of hunting , I have dropped squirrels now past 60 yards with thermal at this tune ., I can say I have ranged animals out to 100 yards and they were pretty close when confirming it to a mil scope and also a rangefinder,

    here is other guns I made files for so I can slap on at any time and poi does not change with this mount setup , I have tried it many times now

    I .edgun leshiy 22 604fps hadies pellets huma sub12 I have it mounted on this currently for clips / killed 60yd squirrel , many chipmunks  learning holds and winds with thermal now

    2. R5 30 caliber and it is deadly past 100m  for coyotes and 250m for like chucks , great with  thermal  I got it tuned great with 52 gr slugs

    3 Taipan using MP slugs out to 150y going 840fps med game good with thermal r5m is set up for MP at 900fps good past 100m for coyotes and 300m with MP and other slugs . great with thermal

    I have most pics mounted on my Leshiy I just de tuneed ith 12fpe regulator , I am trying to learn this tune it is much different then during day with full power tunes , But it is like soo cool silent , I can shoot 90% of time if there is more then 1 or say I missed they do not even hear it , I have gotten chipmunks a few times with 2nd shot ; usually with a higher power gun if they hear it they gone for a long time .



    Great pictures and videos. I always wanted to know how smaller animals like pigeons and rabbits look like. Most thermal videos are usually of pigs or coyotes 



    I was thermal spotting with the LT Thor yesterday and had a rat pop up out of The brush it was amazing how bright he showed up,

    The Thor will also let you adjust the sensitivity of the sensor this helps when you are hunting in warmer climate close to body temps 

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