Artemis P15, Artemis P15 = Double vision???

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    Hope your daughter has a quick recovery!




    Thanks for the well wishes. Her recovery has been anything but quick, but she just managed to go to her Monday clinic without being hospitalized. It's been quite a trial for her and us, but the key is that she's alive. We have been blessed that we can be her caretakers during recovery, I had quite a bit of sick leave available and my wife's employer has been willing to allow her unpaid time off. She'll be staying with us for the next couple of months and can hopefully move back to her apartment after that. I just glanced at the date and she is exactly 2 months since surgery. 

    On an airgun related note, a few months back I had loaned the P15 in .22 to a friend of mine to experiment with while I was gone and it was still holding air, so at least the seals are still hanging in there. I'll be slowly getting my head back into the world of air and I have a few projects that will be rather unique when I get around to them. 




    Good Morning :) Im new member here :) 

    Have a question in hopes if someone can help me :) 

    Bought Artemis P15 in .177cal and the problem is 

    When i want to group on 50 meters i have to drop velocity to 265ms but that way the gun cant group on 100 meter :( im forced to incease velocity to 285-290ms after gun group just fine on 100 meters but shoots like a shotgun on 50 meters :( on 30 its accurate on both velocities

    Shooting 10.34 jsb pellets.

    How can i fix that problem? 

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