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Are you happy with your Air Venturi 4500psi compressor?

Forums Air Tanks, Pumps, Compressors, & Filters Are you happy with your Air Venturi 4500psi compressor?

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    I bought an AV 4500 compressor 13 months ago. I use it regularly, approximately once per week, to refill my 98 cu ft tank from about 240 bar up to 310 bar. So far it’s been perfect except for having to replace the battery on the temperature gauge. Fingers crossed for the future,a s always, but so far I have been quite happy.

    One other point that i sometimes feel is missing on the discussion about budget, mid-priced and high end compressors. That is that they do not all fill at the same rate. I had a Hatsan Spark compressor prior to the AV (still have it in fact). Same basic device as a number of similar ones, live the Nomad II and countless other Chines made, air cooled compressors. It took forever to fill my FX rifle’s 480cc bottle, much less a CF SCBA tank. I kept having to stop for the device to cool down. Similarly, the extent of the ingenious cooling solutions I see for the Yong Heng type compressors is certainly impressive, but not for me. The AV 4500 fills quickly, relatively quietly and is very simple to set up and use.

    Now, if mine does die, I probably will try to fix it or get it fixed. Failing that, I probably will go for a higher end machine. Why? Well, for one thing, I can afford it and my time and effort is more valuable to me than the savings by going to a lower end device. Others will, of course, have different priorities. A few years ago I would not have even contemplated spending $1400 on a compressor. Heck, i was using a hand pump on my Marauder. Of course, that was when I couldn’t contemplate spending $2000+ for an FX air rifle, or a Leshiy 2. So for me, its all about the overall investment that I have in airguns and airgunning. Given how much I have spent on rifles, how much I enjoy the sport, how much I value my time, and how much I can afford, I lean towards the high end. YMMV.



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    I have done some research, and almost all sub 2k compressors are all made in china. I pulled the trigger on this one. For the simple fact that I wanted auto purge and at least a  2 piston compressor.

    It looks real close to both the Air Venturi and the Hatsan lightning. The compressors are the same. Its also supported by Veradium Air in the USA. I EMailed them. And said Quote :

     "Good morning, the Tuxing 2 stage self contained unit is a very good compressor. Have almost 70 hrs on mine and no issues other than oil changes and filter changes as required. We beat it up pretty good before deciding to become the US rep and parts house. I do not have any in stock as we have sold out each time we order. Amazon is a good price for it right now. I am very comfortable recommend this unit. You can also give us a call and we will walk you thru setup and break in run it does not cost anything. proper care and the compressor should last years."

    I'm adding a Molecular Sieve

    And a Hour Meter

    The only thing left is getting the compressor, FEDX has it locked up in Bloomington CA. Sense August 23. Amazon has the delivery date September 2 to the 8th. it shipped on the 22nd of August. There shipped from warehouse in LA. and I'm only 350 miles from them. The wait is killing me LOL. 


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    To the OP question, I bought the AV and was lucky only because it failed on the 28th day. So I returned it and got a refund. As you can see some members have gotten lucky with the YH and AV's but not me. I have went through 3 Tuxings,, Iced water, only filled to 4300, let them cool off. I now was at a point where I dreaded filling my tank, would it start and run? 2 of the 3 wiring caught fire is that going to happen again? I had spent almost $2000.00 no more! I bought the Alkin W31V. When it came I drained my 60min. tank down to 10 and fired that mother up! 18-19 minutes later it was full. I shoot down to 3600 PSI a top of is 7-8 minutes! These things are awesome!!!

    Good Luck!!


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