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Another Very Satisfied customer of Utah Air Guns!

Forums Dealer & Manufacturer Feedback Another Very Satisfied customer of Utah Air Guns!

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    United States
    Accuracy: +26

    Had a great experience with UA. I was working with them for a few months trying to get the Latest Impact”X” and they came through like a CHAMP!
    Even when I want to update my order to include the MTC Viper they were very accommodating to my request!
    Believe me when I say that if you find a company that gives you great service like this you support them to ensure they are around to take care of all your needs!
    Great bunch of guys!
    I have a big box hardware store down the road from where I live. (That starts with an L…..) but I drive 20 mile away to support a local business because of their great service!

    So Utah AG has a customer for life! (Or as long as I need anything Air Guns) ;)

    Have a Great Day Guys! Oh? And Gals! :))


    United States
    Accuracy: +106

    Excellent toku!!!

    I knew I wasn’t their only satisfied customer. 🙂

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