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    My nodded and optimised Kandar CP1 – an absolute giant killer in terms of its performance.

    Beretta PX4 Storm – because it's fun pretending 


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    This is my newest, and most favorite Co2 pistol currently.  Just got it last fall from Airgun Depot.  Took a chance and based on all the stellar reviews it had, bought a nice Seahorse case for it, even before it arrived.  Figured it was worthy to have its own case?  And it most assuredly IS!  Blowback, accurate, solid construction, even dissasembles. 

    This is the nicest Co2 pistol I've ever owned, out of the other two I currently have and 4 or 5 others I've had in the past!  Reminds me of the bigger, powder burning version of the Beretta 9mm they had back in my Army days, only smaller.  I guess this is a full on replica of the actual Beretta .380 version, from what I've read.


    Beretta M84FS, .177 bb


    Made In America.

    It just doesn't get any better.  Case is built like a rock!  Highly recommend Seahorse cases…this was my first one and I definitely will be buying more in the future for other pistols! 



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