NLA-DONATED!-Accurate 22 Air Arms S410E hunting PCP rifle Truck gun beater $375

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    I honestly had no plans to part with this gun based on how accurate it shoots. It is the Extra High Power long version with shroud which is not  even close to being silent but IMO boarder line backyard friendly depending how close your neighbors are.

    If you don't have any interest in a cosmetically BEAT UP gun then it is not for you and you can mosey on down to the next "like new" gun ad.

    I bought this 3 months ago knowing it was in a beater truck gun condition with the assurance that it could consistently do sub half inch groups at 50 yards. Well it can and I will guarantee it and include 2 partial tins of AA 16gr and 18gr with it that will vouch for the groups if you are a decent shot. I won't guarantee it with JSBs or any other type of pellets but you can feel free to try for yourself.

    IMO you will be hard pressed to find any gun that can do it as consistently as this one can without a regulator. It really surprised me.

    You just simply cannot miss with it if you know your range and are a decent shot.

    I had it sitting filled to 2750psi 190 BAR for close to 2 months and it is still at that same pressure today. I won't state it "holds air forever" like most sellers do because nothing will hold air forever and all pcps will eventually need new seals and some sooner and some later depending on what kind of gun which you can do your due dilligence on before buying to avoid headaches.

    I bought a HUMA regulator for it but haven't installed it since it shoots great by filling it to 2750psi 190 BAR then shoot 28 shots then refill and I can add it with the purchase for $75. If you push it to 30 shots just the 2 extra shots may or may not go inside half inch at 50 yards.

    I did 30 shot groups and the last 2 may or may not go inside half inch. It is ridiculously accurate at least for the first 28 shots.

    Included are 3 factory Air Arms 10 shot magazines which show some scratches/wear from sliding in and out of the gun which function fine. I do not have any single shot tray for it and hadn't had the need for one since it shot very well without any problems using the magazines.

    This is a perfect candidate to "camo" paint or hydro dip it. The stock is pretty beat up and the gun has scratches on the metal so it is definitely NOT a show piece. Just picture a rifle that was literally rolling and bumping around in the bed of a pickup truck.

    I had planned on installing an expensive bullpup stock and powder coating the action and shroud but ended up giving up on the bullpup based on cost restraints.

    I chose to go this route so I could avoid being another victim of the new AA bullpup guns. I try to do my homework before buying new guns.

    I will split the shipping.

    PM if interested

    Serious buyers only please and I think the price is fair and there will have to be an agreement to sell it back to me first if the buyer decides to ever sell this gun. For now, I am not at liberty to go through with the upgrades I had originally planned on doing to it.

    Thank you.




    I am very interested can I see some pics please I'm looking to get into Pcp airgun only had Springer my whole life not looking to spend like crazy on 1st gun



    Hello it is already sent out thanks for all of the interest

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