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    Okay so we all know that PCP air guns has been around a very long time as far back as the Lewis and Clark Expedition, did you ever consider how those guys communicated? I mean think about it, Lewis would send out scouts and hunting parties they had to have a way to let them know where they were and when or if they got into trouble.

    This year I was privileged to meet up with an older gentleman who opened my eyes to some of our ancestral history that has almost been completely forgotten. I am proud to say that he has let me in on playing a part in bringing some of that history back into this age of technology 

    The Horn and the Hunting Dogs

    Now we are not talking about going down to your local music shop and picking up a brass horn. 

    Since the time of the Word of God the Horn has been mentioned as a communication device and we cannot of course forget the fox hunts or the Royalty hunts of England, France, and Germany in the middle ages

    The Horn was a intertangle part of any hunting party and household of that day and age. For all of its simplicity it actually had a very large vocabulary and was not only used to communicate with fellow hunters and home or to call in family to the home but also used to call and command the true workhorse of that day,…. The Dog….  

    Properly blown on a good day these horns can be heard for a very long distance and if you know the vocab, you can say a lot. 

    This next picture shows just how intracule the Dog horn was in the middle age hunts

    This is a picture done during the middle ages portraying French hunting parties, It actually is showing four different parts of the party, The Chasers, Dog handler, Scouts and catchers or killers notice all four has at least one horn in the group. 

    American Dog Horn Association is dedicated in bringing back the unique style of the hunting and dog horn check it out on Facebook sometime its pretty cool 




    That's really amazing I never realized that PCP airguns go back that far to the time of Lewis and Clark



    Actually the gun L&C Carried was designed in 1779.


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