A few questions for .22 FX Impact owners.

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    I’m saving to buy a new .22 Impact later this year and have a few questions.

    #1.  FX was listing the .22 Impact with a 500mm barrel in the past but this morning their site shows a 600mm barrel and an overall length of 29.3”.  This only leaves 5.7” for the action and butt.  Is this accurate?  Will this 600mm barrel come with the telescopic suppressor?  I’d like to keep the length short for handling.

    #2.  How effective is the telescopic suppressor?  How loud is it when extended compared to a stock Marauder?  Is an add-on suppressor, such as the basic DonnyFL one, the way to go?

    #3.  How much of a power difference does the hammer spring tension adjustment make between the highest setting and lowest setting?  I’d like to be able to shoot 40ish FPE on HI and 30ish FPE on LOW. 

    #4.  For those of you who shoot slugs using slug liners, have you been able to still shoot JSB pellets with acceptable accuracy (minute-of-starling) using the slug liner?

     Thanks for any answers.



    The old version, 117 and 22 have the telescope shroud. But the new impact x 22 is 600mm with fix shroud. It does help with reduced sound, but it's just a hollow tube. No baffled inside. So a real silencer with baffled will work better. To get 40ft lb you need heavy ammo. Probably slugs. 22 is usually a 30ft lb gun.



    #1 I think new stock impacts comes all in 600mm, in UA you can customize yours. It is accurate, extended barrel is an add on I Believe (does not come in stock impacts anymore)

    #2 donno, but stock shroud and moderator is very quiet and by friendly on 0.22

    #3 that is a no problem at all, you also have the valve knob for adjustment, the hst wheel gives you that spread or more if you tune you impact right. (Jsb Mons redesigned on 40+ fpe or slugs)

    #4 yes

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