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    I accepted a call from an unknown non-identified number which I rarely do. Solicitors @^$*^ them! For the same reasons I do not listen to voice mail from an non-labeled source or non-recognized number.

    The call this morning was from FXUSA. It was the technician who had worked on my WC II. H explained the gun has been ready for 3 weeks (OK I'll accept that) and he had not been able to get a hold of me to make sure all my concerns were addressed. I did look back on my phone and sure enough there were calls from the number that is FXUSA. TOTALLY my bad.

    There is a however! They have emailed me before and have my second phone number. Maybe they could have tried an alternate method after weeks of not making contact. In summary, apparently they did the repairs in the stated time and made a good effort to contact me when finished. The other half, me accepting calls, is on me.

    I have activated all my good luck actions and hope the repairs did address the problems. Won't know until the rifle arrives and gets a shake down cruise.

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