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    Since I got a few  private questions on this topic, I would rather put this information here.
    Maybe I look younger on the video, but I'm almost 34 years old. I shoot from the air rifle more than 25 years and 11 years  I professionally (commercially) devote myself to the whole issue of PCP airgun, machining, CNC machine building, programming and development.   I have a university degree in the field of automatic control and regulation.  Even though I built my first PCP regulator before finishing a bachelor's degree (regulator for airgun CZ 200 S- my first PCP airgun ), and in a master's studio I have already commercially offered pressure regulators for the PCP airgun .




    here I just copy the text I have already put on the video on youtube and why I think this statement can be true:
    This is currently one of the most accurate airgun systems in the world. According to physical measurable data, it is probably the most  accurate one as it uses our developed and manufactured .22 bullets with highest BC 0.14 on the market in .22 caliber.
    It has the world's best muzzle velocity consistency for .22 when the standard deviation is only 0.19ms (0.63fps) and the total deviation between the slowest and fastest shot was only 0.71ms (2.32fps) for 25 measured unsorted bullets.

    Thanks to these parameters can achieve these top shooting results.
    The biggest weakness of this airgun system is only my hands and my judgment on the direction and strength of the wind.

    Perhaps one of you is able to disprove this claim. Just make the same evidence as I did. Thus best scope cam video, consistency measurement, proof of higher BC given bullet. So take LabRadar and do the same measurement as I do.
    My contention is currently based on my research on the internet,  where the closest competition is the new FX impact designed for slug ( STX Slug Liner ).  but since the NSA bullet has at .22 lower BC and I haven't found a video where the rifles would have a better consistency, I will stand behind my statement without proof of the opposite.

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