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.58 cal ZEUS (Full Review) w/ KRS Slugs

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    United States
    Accuracy: +94

    Once again I was blown away by the accuracy of an AEA. Big bore at it's finest! This Gen 2 ZEUS in .58 caliber, is slinging 412gr KRS slugs at 1018 feet per second! (950 foot pounds). The accuracy of these slugs are amazing. Never did I imagine a big bore could shoot this good! In this video you will get an up close look at the new .58 caliber ZEUS Gen 2 as well as learn which .58 caliber slugs shoot best in this beast! Alot of you have been waiting for the .58 Zeus. AEA did not dissapoint! Thanks for watching! -Nate 

    P.S. Thanks to Bin at for sending this gun for review! 


    United States
    Accuracy: +1

    Just watched the YouTube review this evening. Highly impressive airgun. I believe that this round utilizing the original .72 cal platform is much more efficient as well as extremely effective. I see this becoming pretty popular in the hunting circles.

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