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397p series (397p, 397s, 397c)

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      .   i had been after a benjamin pumper carbine for a good while.  a horse rancher came thru (it IS still a ft.worth with livestock).   he said he had a benjamin that needed care…..  after he gets here and i open his soft case, i couldnt hold back and a "holy $#!^" came flying out like a backwards daisy pellet (everywhere).  maybe this is the reason ive heard about .177 sheridans.  this benjamin 397c is in very good shape.  in the hand it feels almost petite or feminine – and , that's exactly what the rancher bought it for – his wife.  he bought the chrome .177 at the same time.  i just wanted to share the eye candy.  this is the first time ive seen or held one.  i always thought i wanted one , but everything about the stock and the forearm (pump handle) and grip by trigger is noticeably one size smaller.  maybe that's why they made these to look and feel more blocky – to take off some girth of the wood so that smaller hands may grip and handle ??    …. it is the only 'rocker' benjamin that i know of….   i think i heard of the carbine version when i first got online over airguns (2009).  i thought the fella said there was a carbine sheridan, tho…   i dont think they even made any of these in .22… they did make some chrome 392s rifles (s=silver)… the s in 397s means synth stock….   these were the airguns made by the benjamin, sheridan, sterling company .  i believe they were back in racine, wi, and the era was from 1991-1994.  these are stamped 'bloomfield ny' , and seems stories differ of this during tha 1990's.   but crosman bought the company and began producing the 397pa/392pa/cb9  – all of these made by crosman have the safety down on the trigger guard…         enjoy the short one.  i did !!   – paul. ..                       ..                                     ..                            

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