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Zbroia Kozak 177 arrived today

No, sorry, im limited to 5.5 ftp
and because of that, i would like to adjust the regulator around 50-60 bar because this should be enough. (i did the same on my r10 with huma reg)

so im very interessted in a shematic diagram or at least, how to disassamble the weaver rail. its still rock solid after removing the top screws ?!
View attachment 1528978640_4753949165b225cd006d6f3.32374319_Kozak 4.5 - 330 - 180.PDF

Hope this file copies (the diagram)
the pictinney rail to the receiver is a snug fit, it lifts straight up.
the tight fit of the rail to the receiver maintains good scope alignment :)
Today I had sometime to kill and decided to finish the new shroud and end caps, I made the end cap leaving a bit of the thread out of the shroud then made a tube cover for it, so now I can attach a silencer of my choise or just cover it with the extra tube, it didin't change the overall lenght at all, see pics below






Now just anodize it, also I will make a silencer with a larger volume capacity as the one in the pic it's not really for my liking because still lets bark a bit loud for me, will make one with a 35mm OD and 120mm long, also will make the end cap that attaches to the 1/2" thread with a overlap threaded to cover and protect the one that is a bit expose so the shroud and silencer will look as one piece.
Mar 29, 2017
Cape town
    It seems that this thread has died a bit, well this morning I decided to take the Zbroia out, I noted the the air has leaked out completely, so, fill it up to 50bar and let the hand pump connected to see if the guauge rised, and it did, so now I knew from where the leaking was from, so, took it a part and checked, all seems to be ok, the main oring was fine, no nichs on it, futher, so took out out and there is a small screw in the midle of the valve that on the diagram says "special screw", the is a small oring there with the screw and it was a bit dry, so I changed to one I had which wasn't exactly the same specs, jus a tad small on the OD side, put all together and it works perfectly, so if any of you guys ecounter the same, is most probably the same as I had, very simple and quick fix. Hope that will help someone in future with the same problem.

    Also, while you have all a part, if you want increase or decrease the amount oair that the gun is using, take the back valve out, there is a nut with 4 holes, that nut is to keep pressure on the valve pin and regulates the opening of the valve, if your gun is using too much air, jus turn the nut in a bit, that will compress the spring and the valve will close quicker, just be careful not to turn too much othewise it will be hard on the hammer to open it.

    It's maybe a late interaction on this topic, but I'll share my quick comments on the Zbroia Brand l ( Kozak & Hortitsia )that might interest many of you... take your time to read it and share you experiences...

    Zbroia airguns are overall great guns with many decent features it has pros and cons like every brand in the market.

    What attracted me at the 1st glance like most of the lads here is its price which is affordable for a well designed pcp compared to those available in the market.

    Its Balance in Hand, its Lightweight, stock color (the Greyish Black ) the Adjustable cheek rest, the rubber butt pad, the Adjustable light trigger, security knob, the Anti Double Loading system , the smooth side cocking lever...

    THE ACCURACY is flawless on these guns in both .177 and .22 cal (330mm & 450mm Factory Barrels) tested with a variety of Unsorted pellets from H&N & JSB.

    REG CONSISTENTCY is absolutely amazing with a very close spread and a superb SD of 1.3 to 1.7 per string of 50 shots.

    The Sound Level with their stock shroud/silencer is acceptable but it can be suppressed to make it more silent by simply adding 1/2 UNF threaded moderator/ silencer when removing the thread protector unit at the end of its shroud.

    Wika Manometer are installed.

    The pistol grip on the Kozak is very convenient and will let you hold comfortably the gun.

    Robust build and user friendly for amateurs and pros.

    Some of the things that needs to be improved in my opinion:

    The most important thing is the Air Consumption per shot which is around 3.5 to 4 bar per shot in .22 caliber velocity 800fps - 16grain - Reg Pressure set 120 Bar.

    3 bar per shot in .177 at 820fps - 10.65grain reg Pressure at 95bar ( i will open a New Topic related to this particular thing) i guess modifying the HST spring by making it shorter will do the job ( not tested yet )

    HST adjuster steps/spring not controlled and unpredictable when adjusting the velocity.

    Longer scope rail is needed which ZBROIA has newly introduced ( the current one is short )

    A Hex driver hole on the trigger guard to reach the Hex screw when disassembling the Stock ( in Hortitsia )

    Cocking arm will get bit loose with time but thanks to the Magnet that holds it in place.

    Reg piston is made from Plastic/ Nylon which might wear with after several adjustment.

    Overall, the gun needs some tiny improvements but its still the perfect Choice (quality/ feature & Price) However its the flawless Gun out of the box with a superb accuracy that i highly recommend.

    It would perfect to share your comments, thoughts & experiences...

    Here some picture attached



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    I’m interested in purchasing one, it fits my budget but don’t quite need an 18 grain pellet traveling 900 FPS, I prefer about 650 to 700 FPS. I know some adjustment is possible via the hammer spring tension but does anyone know if I can get it down to the 700’s by adjusting the hammer spring tension?

    There is limit you will reach just backing out spring, I believe it is about 700 FPS with 18 grains pellet, might be a bit more, like 750 depending on the configuration and individual gun.

    You can lower regulator pressure and go lower, but you will need to take tube apart and adjust regulator to like 90 bar. Default setting is about130 bar.


    Sep 6, 2016