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Wowza D.T. Jr got the airgun bug

How awesome is that? Donald Trump Jr stopped by Utah Airguns a few days ago and bought himself an FX Crown Continuum and an FX Wildcat for his son Spencer.

I didn't know where to post this? A shame I have to post it in the "Off Topics" and still think it might get deleted because of political correctness or offending someone?

Hope Justin doesn't mind me sharing some pics.

Donald Jr, you rock!


Mod edit. Moved to General Discussion forum since it is about airguns.
That’s pretty cool. I hope both the Store and the Sport gets good positive publicity out of that. 

Personally, I don’t see why this would be technically political, other than the obvious public persona, he is just a man, like any other.

I don't see anything wrong with it either Christian? But you know how the Trump name just brings the crazies out? It's a shame we can't be proud of our president without fear of being blasted by a certain group? Will be an interesting thread to follow just the same. Maybe someone will post about it on the main forum?
I agree, why in the world would it matter if Trump Jr and his son were in Utah Airguns, and bought two high end guns? Well, there is a serious epidemic of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) going around, but I don't think its contagious... In fact, I'm pretty sure the cure is patriotism, logic and common sense. ;)
I agree with the rest move it to the general section. I thinks it's cool when any "Big name " comes in to buy a rifle it's a big deal and if you got pictures we would all love to see em!

I posted the pictures that Justin posted to Facebook. I sorta asked for permission after the fact? LOL I didn't want to jump the gun and give Justin or the Utah crew time to post it in General? It just made my day to see those pictures. Frikkin' awesome!