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World Rimfire Champion gives 25m BR a go


Nov 6, 2016
Colorado, United States
    World Rimfire champion Maurice Hassard came out from Ireland to pick up his 25m BR gun that he will use in this years World Cup in Plzen. He shot one outdoor card with it in medium wind to try it out. He asked if it was sighted in, shot a few times off the target, then went to work. I didn’t have any 25m cards so he shot a N50 card. Taking out the dot on the N50 card would be a x on the wrabf card with the .224 plug. His card was either a 249 or 250 20x after conversion. Certainly a great showing for his first attempt with an air rifle and unfamiliar equipment. He’s looking forward to getting home so he can practice. I think he will do just fine. 😀
    I never shot BR, until I got my FT Thomas. After sighted it in I shot a BR card. Probably had less than 50 pellets through the rifle.
    I was using a Sinclair F-class rest and held the stock for shots / aiming. This was indoors at 20 yards. My card was not quite a good as Maurice's but I knew I had a shooter. I also never shot another card - beginners luck !!

    Talk about drooling over an N50 card! How come mine don’t look like that?

    I wonder how much he charges to come to NC and give me a few tips. I have strong Irish roots ( married to Lucy, who came from Co Wicklow, Eire ) and maybe I can bribe him to help me improve my game. 😀

    Seriously, nice shooting here Maurice!
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