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World Field Target Championships 2022


Boy has this USA hosting of a WFTF worlds event been a long & drawn out haul !!

Seem to recall in "17" during the AAFTA meeting in phoenix at the national championship it was a few years out with all the chatter about the dakotas / easton facility.

Here we are 4 years later and we are still looking at another 3 years !!

Sure wish for all the best in this happening at some point ..... A lot of folks went over to WFTF in hopes of competing on the world stage here domestically.

Keep up the fight !!

Scott S
The wife decided this is where we will be spending our vacation next year. LOL. I'm actually pretty jazzed about this. Always wanted to visit Italy, and now i get to... AND shoot. Looking forward to hearing the dates and location so we can start planning. I hear my wife shouting across the room... "If only it could be held at a winery!" Hahaha