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Wolverine R Sling/Bipod mounting options?

Ok, help out there in airgun land. I recently purchased a Wolverine R. Love the way it shoots, but is a handful to carry to hunt with. 

What options have other Wolverine users done for a sling and bipod set up?

I have seen a pic of the Saber Tactical Bottle clamp, but so far are not sold. I would appreciate feedback from anyone using one. Any other options?

Also the flush mounted quick detach swivel slings look interesting to me. Where you put a sleeve in the stock, and the sling releases with a push button.

Has anyone used a standard solid screw in sling stud up front? And how far back is it mounted?

Of course the stock is very thin up front, but a few inches back is a thicker block, that I think could be used for mounting, but I would love feedback. 

Also from this point, how is balance with a sling?

But I also would like to be able to use a bipod at times. 

Pictures and you experiences with your set up are greatly appreciated.