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Who’s man enough to admit they own a “Murse”

I do not sir. I draw the line at fanny pack. I hate the style of the fanny pack but it's a fantastic way to edc my 380 when fishing in questionable areas such as the Oakland /alemeda rock wall past dusk or some parts of the Sacramento River. I never felt the need to do that until about 5 years ago when I started noticing tweekers and homeless encampments right next to my fishing holes. A couple of times I have been asked to buy drugs or solicited for err um.... You know. Anyway now when I see grown men rocking a fanny pack instead of thinking they have horrible style I'm wondering what model of handgun they prefer. I'm confident many many men who wear fanny packs do so for the exact reason I do. They also make killer pellet pouches as well as shotgun shell pouches. I draw the line at man purse however I do like the m1 garand enblock satchel. I might break my own rule for that bad boy. 

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Apr 9, 2021
    I have a small MOLLE pouch i often use on my belt ( hip ) when i wear jeans in the summer, it generally just hold my phone as i then have no jacket pocket to put it in, but i think i could also fit my wallet in there if need be.

    Next step up in my case is a smaller backpack, i can just cram my 16" laptop in there, and in general it dont hold much, it have most been used to hold LIPO batteries a few tools and spare parts and then sodas + camera equipment when we are out in the forest walking the 1:10 Scale trucks in between interesting spots to drive them offroad.

    The backpack is too small for any camping unless you go way hardcore bare bone for that, and i am too old and a creature of comfort to do that.
    Anyway now when I see grown men rocking a fanny pack instead of thinking they have horrible style I'm wondering what model of handgun they prefer. I'm confident many many men who wear fanny packs do so for the exact reason I do.

    In our epoch times one can never be too polite, careful or prepared for what we maybe encountering next. So smile and be POLITE to that smiling odd duck you may see on your walk about friend.

    "Let your gun be your constant companion on all your walks." ~Thomas Jefferson

    "A kind word only goes so far, a kind word and a gun goes a lot further" ~Al Capone 1924
    Tried a fanny pack once, that's as close as I came, ;^) but did not care for the bulk. Stopped carrying a wallet about a year ago. I now carry my drivers license, carry license and debit card in my shirt pocket along with my phone and any $ bills I might have on me. Other than that anything else I think I may need occasionally is in the glovebox of my car.

    since there are so many members from across the pond, i will let you know that "fanny" is another word for a female's private parts, and thus they call them bum bags.


    Oct 30, 2018
    CT, United States
      First a “Murse” stands for Man Purse. And I am man enough to admit I have one.

      To me a man purse is a daily bag of any type you use to hall your crap around the later sex uses a traditional purse. So if you have any type of “bag”, single container, portable, can take with you, which can hold more than money cards and ID, you own a Murse.

      This one pictured is a Patagonia (imagine that) that I have had since 2014. The “murse” is their compact computer bag for the 13” down, and in their Blackhole Series so super duty and pretty water resistant.

      This thing has been used hunting, traveling, shopping, and as well as every day, I love it. Might get something more formal, but I am proud to admit I use a “murse.” Its practical for your day to day kit, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. Maybe not ideal, but it holds my 1.1 L buddy bottle.

      You could call this my utility belt…and no I am not Batman.


      Just to be clear - here in the US that is called either a satchel or a messenger bag. Ain't wearin' no man-purse or a 'bro' for that matter.
      Got one here, if you consider a messenger type bag a murse. I'm a mostly retired pharmacist, and work some weekends well away from home. I carry a couple of folders with some time sheets, an iPad loaded with some medical references and journals, a small Kindle for reading, Small flashlight nail clipper and file as my fingernails chip and get ragged at times, an extra pen and pencil, a calendar/notebook, a pair of long tweezers. Just having had cataract surgery, some extra reading glasses in case I need something better for real close up. A few OTC meds, eye drops, and nowdays some extra masks. It would be rather hard to fit all that in my pockets, along with keys, pocket knife, wallet, handkerchief and my little pocket pistol.
      I have owned, and sometimes wear a leather fanny pack that was designed to carry a wallet, keys, glasses etc in front, and a included separate compartment with holster straps for my smith five-shot snubby revolver. The stainless 9mm was a bit heavy for its size, so the fanny pack was better for me than waist holster, but still a bit heavy. I now have an extremely lightweight version in .38 spcl that works really well.
      No bags for me except a fishing back pack that holds all my fresh water tackle. Then a padded rifle case from Savior outdoors that holds my Taipan, pellets, mags, range finder, mini tripod and rear bag. Phones in my right front pocket with either my Skeletool clipped on the pocket or my Surge on my hip. Left front has my keys, if I ever need my wallet back right. Always a belt. Always a ball cap and sunglasses. Anything else I might possibly need is in my truck or home is a quick 2 min drive from the dairy.
      GBGunner. To add to what you listed . Long before the hunting / possibles bag was developed with the advent of Black Powder arms needing such for carrying the tools and ammo needed , men and women were carrying what in the colonial days here was called a haversack. It was usually a rectangle cloth bag with a cloth or woven strap used to carry whatever one needed to carry depending on what they were doing. Soldiers and hunters carried them in addition to the Possibles bag as we call them today to carry a ration of food or what ever else was needed to survive just as we use the back pack/ fannypacks of today. Women all over the world used these as well of all sizes and could be plain to embellished . Even Native Americans had simple bags that were long and narrow that was simply folded over a waist band. These were embellished with quill , animal hair or bead work. I’m sure shoulder bags have been used by man as far back as you want to go. Another thing the wallet came before pants had a back pocket. So a man or woman had to have a shoulder bag to carry it in.