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What is your favorite gun

No doubt... The Daystate Wolverine B HiLite. With the Altaros regulator I am getting 100 shots per fill using the JSB 15.9s right at 31 ftlb. This thing is an absolute consistent tack driver and the quietest I have owned. The Huggett shroud and moderator does a very good job. I would love for it to be more "Carbine-like"... I.e. Shorter, but I have not been around one that performs better.

"CampFussell"Well, I guess I gotta new favorite now days. My Thomas FT from Mike Niksch

Closely followed by my .177 Cricket Carbine also set for FT

But hell, I love all three of my Cricket Carbines. Bottom to top .177, .22, and .25 ;-) Need a .30 now ;-)

Nice Collection of Crickets there. Might have to call you Jimmy the Cricket, LOL, sorry, I'm an idiot, couldn't help it. Love to be able to fire a Thomas one day!
Wow....didn't get any email notifications for some reason?
Anyway , thanks Cliff, Doc, Dick, and Sam
I haven't shot it in a match yet. Hope to shoot one maybe sometime in September or October.
Mine is shooting the 13.34 JSB's about 815 FPS with a mechanical trigger.

I cannot bear to bring the rifle out in this hot humid southern stinky weather we've been having. Heck my cell phone screen sweats over when I bring it outside, so you know I'm not taking my rifle out in it ;-) Haven't shot it in a month or two.
Oh, I shoot in the "Unlimited Class" in our club. I can't handle the 12 power scope limit on the Hunter Class and can't seem to adjust to shooting off my knees in open class.
Not looking to break any records, just better my high score of 45 and maybe one day get in the 50 club if I ever get the off hand shooting under better control

Looks like Mike Niksch did really well at his most recent match


The man is dedicated! Way to go Mike!

My favorite rifle has to be my custom Crosman influenced .357 pcp.
It was a several month project last year, been a blast ever since assembling.
After looking at a Bulldog, balking at the price, I figured I could build one, and add my own touch. My rifle makes 160 fpe with pellets, over 200 fpe with slugs.

My dream rifle is still in my head, gonna start that build soon. Maybe .257 or .45?
My favorite of the ones I own is the Edgun R3 in .22: easy to handle, accurate, efficient, lightweight.
but only single shot and , as most bullpups, somewhat "top-heavy". 
My favorite future ar, is the fx royale 500: lightweight, accurate to 80 yards (at least i hope), verrry efficient, good trigger, should buck the wind better then a .22. But wont get it until i find an old style walnut stock for it....
A contender may be the WAR Flex, but I have not held one yet, and it may be too topheavy due to distance between trigger and heart of the barrel... Dunno. O, and it may be on the heavy side, but havent been able to find specs on it... but it looks good, seems accurate and sturdy....
ofcourse all topped by a bushnell elite or leupold efr, my favorites for ar's

I have a .22 cricket standard with a 6-24x50 aeon scope that is absolutely lights out accurate!!
It has a knock-off clone bi-pod and it is truly the nicest squirrel,pigeon,rabbit sparrow hunting machine I have ever owned.
about 84 shots per fill at 30 foot pounds, super quiet, very rugged, very dependable!!
Who-ever shot a .22 cricket and did not fall in love?? lol

In close second is my .25 cricket bullpup with an aeon 8-32x50,
This guy is a little heavier, a little louder, a little meaner, but when that 33.95 grain Jsb MK1 pellet leaves the barrel at 920 fps it can only mean one thing! Serious trouble at the receiving end..... It is usually not pretty.... This is a hard hitting super-accurate pcp that all other .25s are judged by in my opinion.

I would definately sell my .25 first if I had to sell one of my guns, but I am sure I would be wiping tears as it headed out the driveway.