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What features do you want to see in your ideal PCP gun?

I had a small inheritance which is how I afforded my Thomas. I couldn't have afforded it either.
My mom passed away last year and she left me and my sis a little bit of her small estate.

This is her shooting my .25 Cricket around Mothers Day 2014


Sep 29, 2015
New York
    "ddransoml"@campfussell...I like the minimalistic look of that rifle! Who's the maker/company?
    @zebra..I'm actually a synthetic fan, but if a wood stock catches my eye then I give it consideration...like that wolverine 303 Hi-lite (on my short list!).
    Should have another Galahad next week...the guys I spoke to at Pyramydair were just as disappointed at the return as I were ..they were clearly rooting for the gun.
I know what you mean. They were like that with the Ataman too. You really get the feeling that they want their customers to have a good experience and it aggravates them when their suppliers let them and their customers down. 


    Jun 22, 2015
      You are dead right about the Mutant 25, They will not release it until it is perfect,
      They learned from there mistake when they were rushed with the 22 Mutant and with a CZ barrel shortage dealers (Peter) stuck a cheaper barrel on them and it really hurt the sales for the first three months of the gun,,, Only a few guns made it out with the bad barrels anyway.
      The 25 Mutant is being made to mop up all other 25 cal BullPups being made.
      I know this is sales talk, But people just talk to the Mutant owners, Trust the guys with the guns,
      They are serious about there product, Look how many problems the Mutant 22 has had after the barrel fix , ZERO.
      And the barrel thing was a Peter problem, Mutant stood behind there guns and fixed it,
      And that comes to my point what is my ideal of the perfect PCP gun, WOW?????
      Give me accuracy above all else, or give me nothing,,,,
      LIGHT. Bull Pup, easy to work on, SIMPLE, Big shot mag of course, Trigger but that goes with accuracy,
      If its ugly make it cheap, I can buy pretty stocks if I want them,
      I could go on and on but it boils down to , light, simple, easy to shoot , Power, I like my 22 and 25 to shoot in the upper 900 FPS range. I think it helps the long shots.

      The 410TDR would be about perfect for me if...
      - It had nicer wood (like this one)
      - Was regulated
      - Side lever cocking

      and if I'm dreaming in technicolor... make it with a Steyr 5 action ;-)


      Sep 29, 2015
      New York
        I want a custom shop option! There.... I said it out loud.....

        If Leupold can have one then why not FX?

        You see, FX makes a number of great guns. Probably too many. I understand wanting to make sure there is an option for everyone but sometimes the features I like are not all on the same gun but there is no reason why they couldn't be.

        For example, maybe I like the Wildcat (which I do) but I don't want it to have a reduced feature set to justify the lower price compared to the Bobcat. Maybe I want a Wildcat with the Bobcat's power adjuster and the higher capacity mags from the Impact (that's exactly what I want). Or maybe I want an Impact with a tube instead of the bottle. Or, maybe I love the Boss and would buy it, if only it came in a bullpup stock option. Or maybe I want a Wildcat 25 with a shorter barrel and tube like the 22. Or a Wildcst with the semi auto action from the Monsoon, or a 25 cal Monsoon bottle bullpup (yes please) etc etc.....

        They make all these parts anyway so if I'm prepared to pay for the extra labor for custom assembly, I would like it to be how I like it.



        Sep 6, 2016
          "skorec"This thread is very interesting.

          In my opinion the Priest from RTI Arms is momentary the best on PCP market.
          I want to add just next features:
          1. Additional new CZ barrel whit caliber 3,5mm and faster twist rate for reach ideal speead 290 m/s at 16Joule and accuracy for new .133 beast shape pellets . Smaller caliber wil be also quieter.
          2. Hamerless system simillar to Huben K1 to reach higher accuracy and power also.
          3. Spare paintball butle remote air line whit degassing screw - bleed valve

            I want to give back this thread therefore I add one of must features

            The gun have to be absolutely time stable that means if I take out the gun from box after 10 years the air pressure and accuracy can not be changed at all.