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Tuning Weihrauch HW100 - strange spring


Jul 31, 2018
    Porsche did make the 924 and 928, but they were completely new designs, you never know what will happen with the newly designed HW100 main frame block...? we can only dream.....

    And there is talk of a 2-door Panamera in the works, maybe history will repeat. Under VW control, the brand certainly has a more diversified product line now. 
    Just an update...

    Weihrauch responded that this is the new setup on up to 50J (37 ft/lbs) HW100, 

    Short spring does come behind the valve as a precaution if dry fired with empty or no cylinder,

    Unfortunately, this spring is not on any exploded views, not even on a newest one from 10/2021

    So this is the right setup

    IMG_20220110_234713 1.1642584719.jpg