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We need to get this gal and her Gamo Swarm to join the forum ;-)

Haha, I posted this just to see the comments. She and her husband have a lot to learn regarding airguns.Although if she put just a fraction of devotion into airguns as she does her fitness routines, I'm sure she would be an airgun sensation.

Any way she's in early 50's , a mother, and lives right here in North Carolina. Her husband is the one who does her videos, and I'm sure they make a little extra money with the youtube proceeds. They seem to do classy videos even if it is showcasing her amazing 50 year old body.

Us airgunners as a whole are a pretty helpful bunch, so don't be too hard on the old gal. We all had to start our airgun experience somewhere.

I'm very familiar with Kirsten Joy Weiss and her videos. We can all learn something from Kirsten.

I'll have to disagree with Farm Girl being a "THOT"? All of her videos are done with class and she's just showcasing what's possible beyond 50 years of age if you exercise and eat properly. I'm sure genetics play a big deal also. She gives the rest of us old curmudgeons hope that we can achieve some kind of physical fitness in our old age?

Odoyle, I enjoyed the video you posted , good find. Great twist with the mask.

Peace and Geritol Grease




    I am curiously pleased to not know what a THOT is. I believe I'll keep it that way.

    Have seen her vids on the tubes and have always felt like there was some exploitation going on there, just not sure who or what was being exploited (my eyes or her ass).

    Good morning.

    Love your pup Cornpone. Looks like he's got a big ol' Doobie instead of a doggie treat! LOL He's a happy camper either way.

    I'm with ya, I didn't want to know what a THOT was either. Now I wish I didn't know? Oh well try to have some positive fun and someone will always turn it into a negative regardless!

    Back at cha with a pup pic ;-) He want's to borrow your pups Stogie ;-)


    Oh, forgot to mention. They didn't have a "Swarm" back in my day, but Gamo is what got my airgun addiction started back in 2013! So, I'll always have a soft spot for Gamo.