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Watch & Discuss the Kalibrgun Argus 60 Air Rifle!!

Thanks Steve,

All of your great content and advice has been appreciated.

In fact, it was one of your videos that led me to Charlie at Georgia Airguns.

I just unboxed an amazing Kalibrgun Cricket 2 tactical in .22 long.

Along with a Sightron S-Tac 4x20x50 and DonnyFL Sumo.

I placed my order and prepaid back in May. Today was like Christmas, the wait was over,

and I couldn't be happier. The target test @ 40 yards was 5 targets and 5 ragged holes.

the JSB Monster Redesign 25.3 gr. "CTC" was the width of the pellet.

JSB Jumbo 18.1, FX 18.1, AirArms Diabolo Field Heavy 18.0, and the JSB Hades 15.9

all were under a half inch CTC. My Thanks goes out to Charlie at Georgia Airguns. They

are top notch and highly recommended.