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Watch & Discuss the Hatsan FlashPup PCP & TactAir Spark Portable Compressor!

I just recently became interested in airguns in general, mainly for hunting small game. A week ago, I didn't know anything at all about this stuff and the AEAC channel has been really helpful in terms of the kind of strong, honest research required to make any major buying decision. I really appreciate your efforts, Steve. 


Dec 23, 2018
    I am new to modern air gunning and by modern I mean when I grew up I had a Crossman 1400 and I thought that was the most awesome rifle ever. Hey, I was 13 at the time. Now I am 60 and after 20 years in the navy and shooting and reloading all kinds of center fire ammo I figured I would take a look and see if anything piques my interest. This is one of many rifles that does. However, I am more partial to something that would push those .25 cal pellets or slugs. To me the larger the projectile the greater the energy. This Hatsan looks nice to me but I would not say its sexy. It looks as if it would fit me rather well and with a decent sub 200 dollar scope I could probably do well in the back yard or in the woods looking for squirrels. Watching Steve's videos makes me believe that he actually runs a pretty scientific test with what he has. I really enjoy them.

    Because of your video, a Hatsan FlashPup + Athlon scope is sitting in the garage ready to be set up. While you infer you have discussions to how you set up your air rifles for testing, the actual links seem difficult to find. Could you possibly provide the link to them in the description below the videos? 

    Also, how about a complete video on how you unbox a rifle, clean it, set it up, and then prepare it for testing? That way, a new PCP owner like myself, can follow your tips and tricks to maximize the performance of their new toy. It may also help buyers get better performance with their purchases. Found it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xu6ZnX7q4M

    You partner shared this with the group; From barrel cleaning, to pellet culling, to sound testing & doppler velocity readings. Steve knows how to shoot & he tries to minimize as many variables as possible to show you exactly what the gun likes & is capable of. Super proud to have him as a partner.

    Manufacturers want happy customers, so this type of information would probably help with that too.

    Thank you again for your videos.

    I have owned the Hatsan Flashpup for nearly two years and have found my Brocock concept elite to be much more accurate and far easier to cock the firing mechanism, the Flashpup would be much better if the bolt was further forward. The Brocock is also a lighter gun. However the Flashpup carries a lot more punch considering the price difference the Flashpup is not a bad rifle, but I still prefer the Brocock.
    Even at this price point you are making a investment because a tank or a compressor would be needed for a active shooter or ratter. No regulator means even more fill ups to maintain accuracy. Is it available in .25? I will have to look but the flash carbine is. 

    Having said all that, I want one for sure. 
     I own the Hatsan flash in. Wood 22 caliber and the wood stock is Elegant it is big brother to the Hatsan flash pup Hatsan makes a a very fine PCP gun Price wise they range top of the line to mid and entry level you definitely check out there products at PYRAMYD AIR Web sight their costumer service team can answer all your airgun questions and remember YOU GET WHAT PAY FOR hope this was helpful information I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HATSAN PRODUCTS