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Watch & Discuss the FX Dreamline!!

No but did your dreamline come with the little tmini extra sleeve? Cause when you put a power plenum on you can put it forward and it holds just fine ......but I also wrapped it with on layer of electric tape and its rock solid, dont wrap two layers cause the your barrel will move up that's how tight that sleeve tolerance is the electric tape friction keeps it from moving ..just an idea I been looking for a bottle/barrel band to


Mar 28, 2019
    I bought a Dreamline Classic and the “Lite” conversion with bottle adapter largely relying on reviews such as this. My ES and SD as measured by the FX Chronograph is 2- 4 times more than I’ve seen in the reviews. After spending 3 weeks at FX USA, they tuned the gun and told me they were seeing ES of 10 FPS or less. Upon receipt of the rifle and not changing their tune, my ES over 221 shots is 58 with SD’s of 13.9, 8.3,5.5, and 7.5.

    FX USA has not even bothered to respond to my email that detailed my results in an excel SS with shot by shot data. I wish I could reconcile the reviews with my results, but I really wish FX would respond.