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Watch & Discuss the Brocock Atomic XR .22 Air Pistol/Carbine!!



    I found the video extremely informative and the workmanship of the pistol/rifle very functional and well thought out. The instructor definitely knows his business and product well. I’m impressed with the overall presentation and intend to purchase one in the future.

    I’m new to air guns but not new to guns. I was a SART (small arms readiness trainer) in the Military, Law Enforcement firearms instructor and shot competition for several years attaining Master status. 

    Looking forward to getting into air pistol and rifle shooting. 

    How does Brocock do it ???? they are the true innovators when it comes to cutting edge airguns in my opinion . I love the fact that they have such a small air reservoir and so many different adjustments for power , I would dream of owning one but with three kids and being disabled best I can do is dream . What would be the max distance for the shooting of this airgun in .22 ? That looks not just powerful but would be easy to fill with a portable pump for carrying in the field or backyard pest control .

    From what we saw in the 50 yd, I'd say probably 50-75 yds. Impacts were about 10 fpe at 50 and a little wind was becoming a large factor. Steve


    Staff member
    Mar 25, 2015
    Dripping Springs, Texas, USA
      Do I really really have to comment to enter?

      Not that I have ever heard of. Why would you think that? Thanks, Steve

      Of course we'd like you to watch the vid review and discuss the product, but no... commenting on the video is not required to enter the giveaway.

      I have seen a bunch of guys at the range shooting these pistols. Alot of them love it because it makes them more accurate with regular hand guns. I fail to see how these big guns help when they are 5lbs and and at least twice as big as regular handgun. Needless to say, perfect gun for around the house looks like. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

      I'm unable to put my normal Glock hold on to the Atomic due to its width so I'd say it's not good for that. Punching out & dry firing the Glock anywhere at home is a good way to practice.
      Mr. Steve,

      Thank you sir for another fine review of

      another fine creation by Brocock. What a

      fine looking, rugged built yet refined

      precision tool. 

      On the other end of power levels,

      I am confused as to why Brocock has

      yet to offer a .30, while Daystate offers

      the Wolverine 2 .303 Highlite. I look forward

      to seeing what Brocock comes up with in the future,

      Thank you to all involved for such a nice RDW!

      I guess because they're the same company and Daystate has it covered. Or maybe the receiver just isn't designed for those pressures.
      This looks like a really nice pistol/carbine, thanks for the review Steve! There are a lot of positives with this one, and it has just enough power, range, accuracy, platform usability, and fun factor to be a great all-around compact in my opinion. Plus, it can be run off a hand pump!

      To me, the down-side is it seems about $500 over where the market is at for the stock features. After adding in the options it's almost as much as a the also excellent EdGun Leshiy 2 (which adds in even more styling). If going nuts on a specialized gun, the Leshiy 2 Limited Edition might be more the way to go...these things get a bit more spendy when accessorizing them.

      Comparing the two, I'll guess the Atomic durability and parts availability has the edge over EdGuns, which is reassuring when making such a large investment (as the price is deep into high-end powderburner money). Also reassuring is Brocock has the backing of more than a sole-proprietorship which in theory could close its doors "just because" one day.

      I think both are incredible airguns and highly desirable for many airgunners, myself included. Shaving $500 off the Atomic XR price would make this a strong consideration for a large number of airheads, Shaving $800 off the price (bringing the entry price to $700) would make this a "have-to-have" airgun that dominated much of the market segment and resulted in a lot of higher-end package sales and additional equipment & accessory purchases. This platform has such broad appeal it could break out into a large-volume seller category if priced super-competitively.

      As-is, I like it and will keep it in mind, maybe grabbing one off the used market. It looks to be a lot of fun.

      EDIT: After getting a mailer packed full of airguns from Pyramid Air I can see why AOA set the price where they did. There's definitely demand for airguns as powder-burners and Constitutionally Guranteed Rights are being squashed, and we know supply vs. demand usually determines price. While I think the value vs. performance causes the airgun to be overpriced, I can't argue with why they set the price where they did. In the end it means fewer people will be able to afford this airgun and the hobby won't be as interesting, but it is what it is.