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Watch & Discuss the Brocock Atomic XR .22 Air Pistol/Carbine!!

Airgun Nation

Staff member
Aug 24, 2020
Colorado, United States
    Many thanks to Airguns of Arizona, Brocock, Sportsmatch Rings UK., JSB/Predator International, H&N Sport, and Patchworm 20/20 Concepts.

    On behalf of the entire airgun community… We appreciate you!


    *Please note this is NOT the thread to submit your guess, follow this LINK to enter the giveaway.
    Nobody reviews like Steve, with the details about every possible thing you could want to know from butt to muzzle and more. On our high power side of the pond, we look down on 15-20 FPE, but our British cousins hunt small game and birds out to 50 yards all day and all night with their 12 FPE limit without a Firearms Certificate, so they can have 15FPE. And think of the 50 yard accuracy of the British Field Target and Hunter Field Target guns!! 30+ FPE is what we “yanks” consider minimum, but this Atomic XR would make a great light weight squirrel and pigeon gun in the woods, where 25-50 yard accuracy is all you need.