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Watch & Discuss the Airforce Texan .357

I would love for this to be a Texan SS, but hey who can complain about all of that awesome power. Airforce did an awesome job making a powerful big bore, and of course, made in the USA! I haven't stepped foot into the big bore world yet, so winning this beast would be awesome! As usual great review Steve. Definitely enjoy your breakdown of guns better than anyone else out there making videos. 
"Saltlake58"We are only about 15 minutes from the drawing if my clock and time zone calculations are correct.

Good luck to all, and 

To whoever wins, CONGRATULATIONS.

I think Michael's doing it tomorrow morning (Wednesday)... that way you guys have 7 full days to review all the material and get your guess in. At least that's what the first page of this thread says. Steve