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Watch & Discuss the Air Venturi Avenger!!

😀There is no such thing as being too interested in airguns😃 I have close to 100 air guns and I am still interested and always will be because the air gun industry keeps coming out with really cool stuff so don’t worry about ever being too interested it’s a great hobby and lots of fun 😃Air gunning is also a useful form of pest control and if you’re a hunter there are also many great air guns out there for you
Okay guys, I am going to take the plunge and buy my first pcp. I would really appreciate any input you can give me. My choices right now are the new Gauntlet 2 and the Avenger wood. I don’t plan on buying a compressor right now but I am going to get a fill bottle. Going to use it mainly for backyard plinking but want it to be versatile enough to take down small game. Being super powerful is not as much as an issue as shot count (I noticed in the UK they are limited to sub 12 fpe and they are still taking out small game!) I want a lot of shots per fill. I know the Gauntlet boasts over 100 shots per fill and I can tune the Avenger so I can get the same shot count but lower power. Thoughts? Thank you so much!
Discussion is closed for this thread and now its not?? Im confused, entering is not an easy task, heck of a learning curve. Where do I enter numbers? 703.53. Should I add a dollar sign? Will Steve get youtube credit watching his vids here? So I need to watch them here to enter? Bigger screen on youtube. Scope looked nice and 100 yard shots were impressive
Has anyone used NSA slugs with their .22 yet? Which ones to use: 216, 217 or 218? I don't remember which Youtube video I watched, but if my memory serves me correctly, that video said 218 is the most accurate for this rifle. I'm about to buy some for my .22, and just want to confirm that video is correct.
Has anyone found ways to improve the triggers of the Avengers? Is anyone selling a better trigger? I have a .177 and .22. The .22 has much more creep in the second stage and adjusting the trigger screws has not helped it. I can disassemble and reassemble my Crosman 2240 with ease but am concerned that if I start taking apart the Avenger it might not go back together as easily ... the Air Velocity Sport work on the Nova Liberty (that has a similar trigger to the Avenger) seems to indicate it is not a trivial matter to work on the innards of these guns.

Other than the trigger, the guns are great. They have excellent accuracy (consistently under 0.25 inch CTC groups at 25 yards) in benchrest type shooting. Offhand is a bit difficult because the weight is distributed so far forward. And it has been great fun experimenting with regulator and hammer spring settings.
I have a 25 caliber Avenger with the plastic stock. It leaked when I first got it but AV fixed it under warranty and it works great. At 100 feet - the limit in my yard, I regularly get 1/4 inch groups with FX 25.4 grain pellets. It shoots these pellets at over 920 fps for almost 50 fpe.

I reduced the creep in my trigger by putting in a longer sear adjustment screw. I think the sear screw is 5mm diameter with a .8 pitch but I am working from memory. I got both 12mm and 15mm long ones with allen heads at Home Depot. I used the 12 which did not eliminate all the creep but eliminated almost all of it. The 15 could eliminate all of it but could also be turned in far enough to slam fire, I fear. I am happy with the 12mm. I do not always feel the creep before the gun goes off. You have to tap a pin out to get the trigger group out so you can change the screw because there is a C-clip on the stock screw. I did not try to put a C-clip on the new screw but I put a drop of blue locktite on it.
Hey everyone, new member from Alaska. Not much support locally, did find a shop in Wasilla area that has guns and some accessories. Very excited about this form of shooting.

Has anyone worked out a good load with pellet and pressure for 25yds yet? I am thinking on this gun and won't have access to a lot of ammo and/or a chronograph. 

I just received the .25 and have only tried the JSB King .25 and right from the box within 8 shots it was in the red bullseye at 25 yards. I may just fine tune the scope on a solid rest and see what it will really do. I have shot it 48 times total (today was the first day I was able to shoot it). If it improves it will be a tack driver. Very impressed at the first time out of the box. I’m new to PCP’s, this is my first.