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Watch & Discuss the Air Venturi Avenger!!

This does look like a game changer. I have ordered one in .22 from P/A and should get it in two weeks or so. My order was based mostly on how excited Steve sounded in his review videos.

I have seen many reviews that indicate there have been many Avengers that were received leaking air and or not holding air and one when the guy aired it up, it was all shooting our his barrel. Anyway, got me to thinking how many returns vs satisfactory Avengers have there been todate. Like a percentage of good vs bad Avengers purchased thus far. Anyone have any thoughts on this? 

I purchased one in .177 and it is a tiger, accurate as good as I have seen and I own several guns in .177. The difference with the Avenger is the ability to adjust the velocity from slow to way too fast depending on the pellet. Zero at 40 meters / one ragged hole. I chose .177 because it is the only PCP I own in that caliber , all others are springers. Shooting from a blind a springer can be a PITA (pain in the ass). Head shots on squirrels is easy ; forgot, the trigger is better than any other gun I own. Even better than the Benjamin Caden in .22 ; have had no need to adjust it as it came to me that way out of the box.
The new wood stock Avenger coming in May as advertised by PA .22cal and .25cal


My 25 Avenger leaked 150-200 psi a day when I got it. I shot it a bit and then returned it to Air Venturi for repair. They were pleasant about it and I got it back, no leaking, about 5 weeks after I sent it to them and about a week ago. I initially degassed it and set the regulator at about 1600 psi and it shot 25.4 grain JSBs at about 800 fps. Heavies were slower at a little over 700 fps. I turned it up after getting it back to 2300-2400 psi and now get just over 900 fps on 25.4s and about 820 on 33.95 gr heavies. It likes FX 25.4s a little better than 25.39 JSB kings. Both the FX and Heavies shoot one hole groups at 33 yards (the limit of my backyard range) when I do my part. I like the accuracy and power a lot.

I put a Donny FL adapter on it although I never had signs of clipping. I have not put a suppressor on it yet but I probably will. I messed around and made one out of an old sprinkler today but It is noticably not in line with the barrel so I only dry fired through it. It does surpress the noise. 

My trigger is definitely not the best of the guns I own. My only other PCP is a Prod and it's trigger is much better straight out of the box. I have maxed out the weight, travel, and sear engagement screws and my trigger is still a little heavier than I'd like but the bigger deal is the creep. It is significant. But I've adjusted and still get some good groups, at least for me. I will probably try polishing the sear engagement surfaces. I've had success with that on powder burners (and I know it can cause an accidental discharge if I am not careful).

I've been pleasantly surprised with the ease of changing the velocity and the consistenty good accuracy. Mine does not need more hammer pressure for velocity - even at a regulator setting of 2400, but I tried a bit more to determine that and did see a slight, maybe 3fps, increase from 1 turn. I did turn and a half anyway and velocity didn't really go up further but group size went down noticably. It was shooting 3/8 to 1/2 inch groups and went down to 1/4 inch or so with the pellets it likes best, occasionally with King 25.39.

The new wood stock Avenger coming in May as advertised by PA .22cal and .25cal

Mine is due to ship 5/27/21. I received the confirmation email on 4/2/21

Where can I purchased just the stock ? Looks good but how does it affect the overall weight if the gun and would it be of any real benefit ?

The stock will add weight, perhaps a pound?. Unless you are backpacking up mountains with the gun, the added weight will be a benefit.