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Watch & Discuss the Air Venturi Avenger!!

Had a 25 cal avenger for a few months now and I get the best groups with jsb heavy 25 gr diablos. Tried fx hybrid slugs and the groups weren't a good plus they carry a bit to far to use in my neighborhood. If there is any downside to this gun its minimal The shot counts are about 25 to 30 pellets the way I have it tuned to 920 fos to shoot iguanas. If you tune it down to 700 fps the shot count will improve.. The way mine is set up, I need a compressor because most scuba tanks don't hold 300 Bar after a couple of fills. Again, if you use it at 3000 psi that will improve. My guess is that the plenum is small since it tunes best at heavy hammer spring and high regulator pressures. Putting in a larger plenum sounds reasonable but with such as small air tank, you may lose too much volume to really see any gain I have a Donny fl moderator and its ok for back yard but the gun feels huge and heavy to me. Gonna try a bullpup next. All in all, a fun gun and a great way to learn about tuning.
I saw last week that Baker Airguns had a limited supply of .177 Avengers so i ordered one & got it today. This is my second Avenger. I bought one in .22 from Randy a while back. On any gun i get i always clean the barrel & check the tightness of all the screws. I noticed on both Avengers that the screws are snug but not tight. I would rather have this then screws that are factory loctited. After putting on my scope it was shooting bugholes at 25 yds with AA 8.4 gr in my yard until the rain started.The only thing i don't like is that both of the gauges are upside down. I degassed & tried to turn the gauges in but only got a 1/4 turn before it stopped, I guess i could double up on the o rings to fix them but for now its holding air, its accurate & i'm enjoying it.
I've always just used regular or t handle allen wrenches. Most of the screws are rather small so i just snug them up & then give them an extra 1/4 turn. On my trigger screws i use Vibra-Tite, which holds the screws but allows them to be adjusted easily. I've never seen any torque specs released from the manufactures for their assembly?