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Watch & Discuss the Air Venturi Avenger!!


Staff member
Mar 25, 2015
Dripping Springs, Texas, USA
    Many thanks to Pyramyd Air, Hawke, Sportsmatch, DonnyFLJSB/Predator, and H&N Sport!!

    On behalf of the entire airgun community… We appreciate you!

    Enjoy the full video review now streaming in 4K Ultra High Definition:


    *Note - This is NOT the Giveaway thread. To enter to WIN the prizes in this video please click HERE
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    Hi Mike,

    I think the longer you wait the longer the wait is going to be. There hasn't been a lot of information out on delivery but it sounds like from what I've read and who I've spoken to in the industry that the first cargo box hit already and they're in customs. Another box is on the way, but my guess is that it'll be presold before it hits as well. If it's as solid a performer as it looks, this one is going to take the industry by storm. I'm hoping some stock manufacturer puts out a nice walnut stock early on because I'd rather have that but I'll work with the synthetic for now. I'm excitedly looking for my ship date (almost daily). They don't bill until it ships. I'd encourage you to move sooner rather than later on this so you're enjoying yours while everyone else is waiting. The discussions will pull people through the wait time... 😉
    I promise myself I would not buy anything made in China Anymore. Now this is just too hard to resist. Just another one to add to the collection and tinker with. Great review On this rifle.I know there are a lot of youtuber that do reviews. And do a great job at it. But hands down Steve really has to be the best of the best at doing these reviews. Not kissing any one ass. Just saying the truth. Hard to believe what you get for your money now. I may have to break down and get one.👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Absolutely loving the air Venturi avenger!! Create price point features pretty much what you want and more for the price point. As far as adjustability at blows The gauntlet out of the water. I love my goblets but they're just not great at shooting slugs so I'm anticipating buying the avenger for a slug gun.