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Watch & Discuss AEAC's Full Vid Review, Vlog & Tuning Guide of the FX Maverick!!

Airgun Nation

Staff member
Aug 24, 2020
Colorado, United States
    Many thanks to FX Airguns, Element Optics, SPAW, DonnyFL, Saber Tactical, Sportsmatch Rings UK., JSB/Predator International, H&N Sport, Nielsen Specialty Ammo, and Patchworm 20/20 Concepts.


    AEAC Video – FX Maverick Tuning Guide + EPIC RDW !!!

    AEAC – FX Maverick STEP-BY-STEP Dual Regulator Tuning Guide + EPIC RDW !!

    FX Maverick – MASSIVE Picture Pack + GOBS of Info + EPIC RDW !!!

    On behalf of the entire airgun community… We appreciate you!

    *Please note this is NOT the thread to submit your guess, follow this LINK to enter the giveaway.


    Jan 18, 2019
    FL, United States
      My first FX (and certainly not the last) what a master piece. The efficiency at such high power is what Impressed me the most.

      FX, hope you start using wika gauges and throw away the 2billion crappy gauges you probably ordered when released the first gun and are still using. Other than that, I haven't changed a screw. 



      Apr 9, 2021
        O my !

        Too bad we dont have something like that over here in the old world, even if luck and me are in no way related or even familiar with each other.

        Okay about 48 years ago i did win 4 pork chops and 500 DKKr at a bingo event, but that was probably only due to me being on the toilet and my mother managed my plates meanwhile.

        But normally no luck in gambling, or love.