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Varmint Terminology

Just now seeing your pet possum Scott! You're the man! Way to go dude.

I've rescued my share of varmints as well!

A long long time ago in these pics. Haven't bottle fed any in a while.



Big respect brother!

...he like foot rubs. SMDH.

Wow that is pure gold, nothing wrong with that!

Very nice. Brings back memories. I raised a young raccoon when I was about 11 or 12 years old. Pretty aggressive for a long time but once it adjusted to us it was a great experience. Initially kept it in a small rabbit cage with a dog collar C-clip on the latch and it learned to feel around and open that latch to get out. My mother wouldn't let it stay in the house overnight so we put an old wooden barrel in a tree by the porch and it stayed there. It would come in the house and play with every single item on the shelves one at a time.

Also had an uncle who had two squirrels raised from young that lived on his front porch. They would sit on you to eat pecans and then fall asleep.