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Uragan King 30

Uragan King 30

I just received an Uragan King in 30 caliber from Talon Tunes. Love the look of the rifle and the shot count. It is also pretty quiet for a 30. I did some velocity testing and it is shooting the Vortex 48.6 at 917, The NSA 47.2 at 891 and the NSA 49.5 at 870. Very windy today, but it shot this five shot group at fifty yards with the NSA 49.5 slugs. I was amazed.



Getting 8 magazines between fills. There are probably more good shots in there but that is as far as I have went so far. 4000 PSI to start and like 2200 PSI after 8 magazines. Very pleased with the build quality and accuracy. Been shooting steel at 100 with surprisingly good results.