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TUXING or YONGHENG PCP Air Compressor for airgun air rifle , Pumps...Help!

Hello friends,
From the beginning, I apologize for my English language - I am a Bulgarian.

Where I live, there is no where to charge a bottle of air under pressure, so I can use a pump or compressor + bottle.

Mark compressors are expensive for me so if I decide it should be one of these two: TUXING or YONGHENG.
I read here there and as if the first one is better but I'm not sure - I have no idea what to look at ... Hope for advice from you based on your experience with them? 

In order not to open a new topic, I also need advice if I stop on a pump, then FX FOUR STAGE TURBO PUMP or Air Venturi Mk4 hand pump by Hill is the best choice for you? 

My rifle will be: FX Streamline .25

1. TUXING Electrical PCP Air Compressor for airgun air rifle high pressure air 300 Bar 4500psi 220V
2. YONGHENG 220V High Pressure Air Pump 30Mpa Electric Compressor Pump PCP
3. FX Four stage turbo pump
4. Hill Mk4 hand pump 

Thank you in advance!

PP. I just want to say that:
- in Bulgaria the voltage is 220 volts;


Mar 11, 2017
    I have the yong heng 220v and it has worked good for me. I use ice in the water to keep the compressor cool, I fill a large carbon fiber tank (109cu/ft) so it takes about 30 minutes to top off. I changed the water pump to a wet tile saw water pump because the pump that came with it didnt work well. I bought mine on ebay for $300.00 US.
    Good luck
     Hello friends again and thanks for the answers!
    Yes, of course we have variations in BG: aliexpress.com, ebay.co.uk, amazon.co.uk but the assortment is smaller than here: ebay.com, amazon.com although the sites are common ... Even now I am looking at a silicone lubricant that costs £6.69 and the transportation to me is £22.63 and this is because it is on promotion otherwise the transport is Х2...Anyway...

    After my post in the forum, I did a lot of reading and watched videos and I decided for the time not to deal with compressors due to the fact that many people even though they use them and are happy have replaced many parts that even their engine ...

    That's why I'm in the dilemma of a pump ...
    I saw that many people here in the forum use Hill basically a part and Benjamin. But I do not know if this is due to a trend in you or because Hill are better than FX?

    For example in BG we use mainly Hatsan, but this is mainly due to two facts - cheaper and are offered massively (even only...) in all our stores and not because they are better than FX, Hill, Benjamin, etc! Chinese cheap pumps have not yet come to us even though we are talking more about them in our Air Force Forum ....

    Compressors and Chinese ones are also not used with us yet. Mainly because we do not have much confidence in their quality of production and brand compressors are not for our financial capabilities for most people in BG ...

    So I go back to my question, which is the main one for the moment - Hill or FX?

    Thanks in advance!


    Jan 17, 2019

      There is another option if you plan on direct fill only (no tank filling). Aliexpress has a 12 volt unit (Hatsan Spark clone) that is very affordable and seems to be trouble free so far. It does come with a 110/220 volt power supply also. Alibaba also has them for even cheaper, with shipping from China for under $275.00 usd.