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TUXING 4500PSI PCP Air Compressor Review

This has been a great thread. What a learning curve on these compressors. In following this tread I have not
seen any major problems with these compressors. As I said early on I worked for a R&D engineering group before
retirement. The one thing I can see with the Chinese is they do not seem to worry about the small problems. American company’s know better. The Chinese exspect there customer’s to just deal with these things.

I think I must have ran it too hot? I let it sit for a good hour and then it turned back on just fine. Last time I used it the weather was much cooler and I filled an empty 100cf tank from empty with no problem. There must be some temp relay somewhere and 138 deg F was too high? I don’t recall how hot it got last time I used I was able to run it much longer in the cooler weather. I also noticed the water tank was a couple cups low so I topped it off. I filled my tank from 220 BAR to 300 BAR just now but never let the temperature go over 125 deg F. I had to turn the compressor off 4 times as it is a bit warm here. I was really happy with the compressor so I hope it is this simple. It sure seems to work fine now.
The check valve was clean and the intake was not clogged. I did not use an extension cord and I have a strong 20amp circuit in my garage. I did have a couple of other things plugged into the circuit which I turned off when I used the compressor successfully. Maybe it was too much current draw the first time?
Talking about the extension cord. Some times that can be a must. But if so use as short & as large of wire
inside the extension cord. I have seen cheap extension cords with as small as 16 gage wire inside them. try
to avoid a extension cord as mentioned above, bit if you must get a short heavy duty no lighter then #12 wire.
l think a lot of people cause many problems on there self not knowing.
I'm a new to PCP and planning on getting a compressor, possibly the Tuxing 032 model. How many of the issues from the beginning of this thread have Tuxing taken care of by upgrading their product? Or is everything basically the same as 2020 when this thread started?
It appears that Amazon at ($1109) is the cheapest at this time due to high shipping cost from China. Is the "042" model listed on Amazon for $739 with a 20% discount coupon ($592) the same product without the water tank?