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TUXING 4500PSI PCP Air Compressor Review

ANyone have experience with this model Tuxing. Have found parts readily availble if needed in US warehouse but almost no reviews. Puts out about 3/4 the CFM of My AV 4500 that broke its crank the other day after 1 1/2 yrs of flawless operation but I like the filtering and cooling system better on this one. And AV wont have any parts until after November for the AV. So considering this as an alternative.

The one I ordered is actually in a warehouse in California I verified this as well as spare parts, the higher price reflects the tariff and customs charges that are imposed on china products. It also on my business amazon acct no shiipping charges so I am sure they stuffed a few dollars in the price for that.Any way I need one asap so I ordered it should be here actualy by the 26th so will go over it and put thru paces on some 74cuft tanks in the shop. Am an airgun company so will make a few tweaks I am sure.
I am going to do 2 part review. this first is on inital unpacking and break in with a tank top off: The second will be on filtration after a full fill.

Unit arrived in good condition no damage to box or unit. I was very suprised that they had foam inserts packed around all components very pleased. The unit is a little bigger and heavier than AV 4500 but this is due to the dual filter system and the larger air cooling system. Setup is very easy I used Purple syn lube 100 for the crank case. It comes with a air intake dryer setup as well as a twin water filter seperator for the output. The second stage piston is bigger than the AV and quite frankly I have to say it is much stouter than the AV. THe cooling system is routed very well and there is excellent water circulation thru out the entire system. The pump is on the outside of the tank which is a bonus in my book, the radiator is the full length of the compressor frame with 3 large cooling fans to circulate air flow. System holds 5L of water including the plumbing and radiator. This model runs on 120volts. I was suprised by the accessories and spares provided, all cylinder gaskets filter replacement media several burst disks and multible fittings to connect to tanks. Hose whips are sturdy and very well made.

After a 10 minute breakin period which had no issues I decided to top off my 74cf tank. Started at 3000psi and topped to 4500psi the process took less than 11 minutes, the air gauge is very accurate and shutoff was dead on at 4500psi. There are 2 air bleeds one for the water trap and the other for the filter seperator. I did find that during operation openeing the water trap worked very well I live in a high humidty region, I checked the second drain and found NO water present so the first trap is definantly doing its job. Noise and vibration are less than my AV I actually had a normal conversation while it was running - and it topped off the tank 9 minutes faster than the AV. The only draw back I see so far is the inlet dryer, the vibration does cause the beads to move around at the top of the canister which could cause some dusting issues there is a flat filter on the bottom of the can to help prevent this from getting in compressor I did not notice any dust after initial running. The temperature did very well, the secondary cylinder were temp probe is located never exceeded 60 Celcius and after shutdown the cooling system rapidly brought the temp down a very good cooling system in MHO. I used a laser thermometer and along with a second surface temp gauge, the upper secondary cylinder cooling head ran at 90 degrees the primary cylinder cooling head at 107 degrees, much lower than my AV.

Overall intially I am impressed I have to say. I will be using this exstenivley over the next couple weeks and will update this post to let you know how it holds up, but so far I would have to say this is a well built unit and worth the price.


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I used Royal Purple Synfilm Recip 100 oil for the crankcase, For the water tank I used distiled water with 8 capfuls of Water Wetter by Redline.

I did reroute the 2 water lines going to and from the cooling radiator to get them away from the cylinders, there is plenty of water line just bring them forward of the cylinder.
(see pic 3 above.)

Also the ouput air line cooling coil, I removed the tie wrap because they had it right up against the water fitting. I added a tie wrap to allow it to spring away from the water connector but still hold and stop the coil line from vibrating. I added a second tie wrap to hold the air pressure gauge line to the connector so it was not free floating around.
(see pic 1 above)

SniperM I cannot attest to the Alpha Carette as I have not used that model at all in the shop. Looking at the fill times the Tuxing is better in tha regard and you have to manually drain the water off the Tuxing but I havebeen very happy with the operation and the fill times. I do live in a high humidty area in Texas so I drain off the water filter about every 5 minutes the carret does have an auto purge which is a nice feature I am looking into adding one onto the Tuxing. Sorry couldnt be more help on the Alpha comparison but very happy so far with the Tuxing and its operation and filtering capability.
TIme for an update: After running for a couple weeks I noticed on the longer run times the compressor would shut off and the tanks would be about 200 pounds liter on air than the compressor gauge. I also noticed that they had installed the airline for the compressor gauge at the bottom of the water trap by the water drain ( see first image). This allows water to be pushed into gauge line affecting reading IMHO and possible future issues. I decided to make a change and removed the line from original position and plugged then installed a SS tee into the outlet pressure line, and installed the pressure gauge line there (see second image). Now the compressor gauge and tank match no matter the run time. This will also stop any future issues of water possibly damaging the compressor gauge. I also changed out there 3 part internal silca and charcoal for 13x Molecular Sieve beads (see image 3).The compressor continues to run very good I use it to top off my two 100Cuft drager tanks I use in the shop. From 3000psi to 4500psi it does its work in 11 minutes. I will post shortly filling a 74 Cu ft tank from empty to give a update on times and temps for a bottle from scratch. So far very pleased with operation.


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Ok so got a 74CUft Omega tank in and ran a full fill test 0 to 4500 PSI on the Tuxing compressor, Total fill time was 49:27 Forty Nine minutes 27 Seconds. Compressor operated very well with no issues Max temp 134 degrees according to thier temp gauge.
Checking with the laser thermometer the primary cooling head temp max was 88 degrees the secondary cooling head 94 degrees. Crankcase outer shell registered 107 degree, Cylinder wall #1 110 degrees, Cylinder wall #2 120 degrees. I opened water drain each 1000psi with very little water expulsion - almost none. Opening the oultet hose petcock showed zero signs of water. Overall this compressor has done a very good job, I continue to utilize to top off my 2 100CUft Drager tanks atleast a couple times a week and performance is very good with no issues. 30hrs on it and very happy with the performance.
Thanks so much for the info. Just got into PCP. Picked up a Brocock Sniper XR from AOA last weekend. Traded in my HW97. Hooked already. Pumped up with the new Hill Hand pump maybe 7-8 times over the past week. Hence already ready to get a compressor and tank.

I was pretty set on the Air Venturi, but then thought the Carette might be the ticket after reading through the thread on GTA. THEN came across the Tuxing. It’s $1299 on Amazon, but $957.52 on Ali express shipped for the exact same model from Tuxing’s ali express store.

Couple quick questions.

Where did you pick up the T adapter to move the air gauge line, what is the threading? What did you plug the hole with where you removed the original gauge line?

Did you just remove the silica and put sieve in its place or did you buy a new insert to put it into the canister? Where do you get the sieve from?

In the forum over on GTA it seems the Coltri HPA oil or similar(Bauer) is highly recommended. Where’s the best place to get it from? I figure after all this money, the top of the line oil is a little insurance on the Chinese compressors.

Also, can you use the purge on the gold filter tubes so that you might fill an air guns tank directly?

Looks like Pyramid has some refurbished Air Venturi tanks they have a 74 Cu ft for $459 (DOM 1/20) and a 98 Cu ft for $679 (DOM 7/20). Any opinions on going this route? I’m think a 74 Cu ft is plenty since I’ll have a compressor to top it off. Is it worth to lose a few months on the tank to save $90?

Thank you

iflysky: They are 304 stainless Tee and a close nipple I plugged the original gauge opening with a stainless plug, they are 1/8 inch threading. (see image) Each of the ports have a delrin seal disk but I also wrap the threads a couple times with Oatey fast tape thread sealer. I purchased my stainless fittings locally at a supply house here, just call around in your area some one will probly have them just make sure they are stainless steel to be able to handle the high pressure. I removed the silica from the original plexi tube that come with the compressor and placed one filter disk in the bottom of tube and one on top with the 13x molecular sieve in between. (there is no need to replace the exisiting internal tube). I purchased the sieve from www.shopbvv.com
For Oil I use Royal Purple synt 100 I have not used Coltri or Bauer oil so I cant give any info on those, but the Royal purple works very well in this compressor. You can fill your air guns directly and yes you just open the air drain after shutoff to release line pressure. For my air tanks I bought new it was worth the money and I know I have 15 years on them atleast and a hydro renew each 5 years is only about 40 bucks so I think a new tank is worth the money, I have not heard anything bad from the refirbished tank so it would be a personel preference on your end to make this consideration. I have 74Cuft and 2 100 Cuft either is a good setup I use my 74 in the field and the 100s in the shop. 


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Perfect! Thanks for your time. I ordered the compressor after my post the other night. I guess it was on sale. Glad I got it, the price went back up shortly after I ordered it, and they were no longer available from the California warehouse. Saved myself a couple hundred bucks.

One thing I wanted to verify reference the Tee. I couldn’t exactly tell from the pictures, but it looked like in the pictures the Tee was a female to the compressor and male on both hose ends. But in the picture you just sent it looks like the Tee is female all the way around, is that correct?

Thanks for your help and time. Really appreciate it. Gonna try and get all the parts and oil before the compressor shows up so I can’t get rolling right away. 
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